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Mission Neighborhood Center
362 Capp Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

Wednesday, February 1, 2012 at 6 p.m.
Special Meeting

Members: Chair Eric McDonnell, Vice Chair Jenny Lam,
Mike Alonso, Myong Leigh, Sonia Melara, Marily Mondejar, David Pilpel, Mark Schreiber, Melissa Tidwell

1. Call to Order and Roll Call (6:14 p.m. – 6:15 p.m.)
The meeting was called to order at 6:14 p.m. On the call of the roll, all members were present.

2. Mapping. (6:15 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.) The Task Force received public input and made modifications to the January 26, 2012 working draft map. The Task Force agreed to post the February 1, 2012 working draft map to the Redistricting Task Force website.
Note: After public comment was completed, the Task Force recessed before making modifications to the working draft map.
Public Comment:
District 9 Supervisor David Campos thanked the public for coming to the meeting and participating in the redistricting process. He expressed his appreciation to the Task Force for having meetings in the community so that members of the public could comment and provide input. He said that his main concern was that neighborhoods remain cohesive in the final redistricting of the districts. He again thanked the Task Force for their work and the Mission Neighborhood Centers for the use of their facility for the meeting.
Steven Currier, Outer Mission Merchants and Neighborhoods Association, stated that he wanted to be clear about the boundaries for District 11 on the Carter Street which has Saddleback housing (a gated community), North Point (a new housing development), and Waldenberg housing at the southern part of Geneva. He informed the Task Force that 10 years ago this area was moved to District 10 and he requested that it be moved back to District 11. He stated that looking at the January 26, 2012 working draft map it was unclear if the corners of Carter and Geneva were a part of District 11. He stated that anything Northeast of McLaren Park should be in District 9.

Lucia Bogatay, Co-President, Mission Dolores Neighborhood Association, stated that currently her neighborhood is split between Districts 8 and 9. The Neighborhood Association has voted that the neighborhood should remain intact in one district, and historically and logically she believes that they are more identified with District 9 and the Mission District.
Maria Mejara, Mission Dolores Neighborhood Association, informed that Task Force that the Mission Dolores neighborhood is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city and that many working-class people live and work in the neighborhood. She said that is home to many historical landmarks; Mission Dolores itself is the oldest in California and the oldest building in San Francisco. She requested that the Task Force keep the neighborhood intact with the Mission District.
Marius Starkey requested that the Task Force keep the Mission Dolores neighborhood in one district, and stated that it should be part of the Mission.
Fernando Marti stated that he was working with people from the Southeast on trying to develop a consensus map for all 11 districts. He said that they started with the existing districts. He referred the Task Force to the "community unity" map published by the Bay Guardian.
Jim Chapell expressed concern that moving the boundaries of Districts 8 and 9 west would have a negative impact on the Latino community and their voting power. He also stated that he was concerned with moving the District 8 boundaries to the west, as it would lessen the voting power of the gay community. He indicated that he did support the Community Unity Map as it relates to the Districts 8 and 9 boundaries.
Tony Kelly, President, Potrero Hill Boosters Association, stated that the Task Force could not include all of the Portola in District 10 with Potrero Hill, Bay View, and Visitacion Valley. He indicated that Potrero Hill and Dogpatch are 3 historic working class neighborhoods and that they have joined together in complaints against the City. He requested that Potrero Hill remain in District 10. He stated that the area from Potrero Hill to the Bay is really one neighborhood.
Mark Salomon requested that the Task Force keep the Mission a cohesive neighborhood, including the northern part that is currently in District 6. He expressed concern with the Bay Guardian's proposed community unity map.
Rachel Ebora, Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center, thanked the Task Force for keeping Bernal Heights in District 9 as shown on the January 26, 2012 working draft map. She approves keeping Holly Park and Central Bernal in District 9. She also requested that the OMI remain in District 11. She informed the Task Force that there has been a successful planning process for the OMI and that a similar plan is being proposed for the Ingleside. She indicated that these neighborhoods share many common planning issues and work together to resolve the issues.
Caitlin Flint, The Advancement Project, updated the Task Force and the public on the website.
Chris Bowman, 1995 Task Force member, stated that he does work with the San Francisco Association of Realtors and will be submitting a map in the future. He stated that the further to the west the District 9 lines are drawn the move would dilute Hispanic voting power. He suggested that both sides of Valencia be in one district. Valencia Street should not be divided in the middle. He suggested that the consultant look at the Voting Rights Act implications of the new District 4 proposed by the Bay Guardian community unity map.
Rose Hillson stated that Jordan Park and Laurel Heights are a recognized community of interest and requested that the Task Force keep them in District 2.
Hiroshi Fukuda, Japantown Better Neighborhoods Plan Organization, requested that the Task Force move the boundaries for District 5 up to Pine Street or possibly California Street. He requested that the Task Force keep Japantown in District 5. He stated that the residents of Japantown do not have anything in common with Sea Cliff, Pacific Heights, the Marina, or Presidio Heights residents.
Otto Duffy requested that the North of Market and South of Market areas remain in District 6. He stated that the McCoppin triangle area is part of SoMa. He suggested that the Task Force move Treasure Island into District 3. He supported keeping Japantown in District 5 and he suggested that either all of Russian Hill or a part of it be moved into District 3.
A resident of District 5 requested that the Task Force keep Japantown in District 5.
P. Harris stated that Japantown and the Booker T. Washington Community Center should remain in District 5. He stated that African Americans in the Fillmore identify with Japantown.
Juanita Garcia, District 6 resident, supported the Community Unity Map as it relates to District 6 boundaries.
Oscar Grande, District 11 resident, supported the Community Unity Map as a means to cross over to other districts see the City as a whole, and allow residents of other districts to share interests and history in each of their respective communities of interest. He stated that the Excelsior and OMI should be kept whole.
Alicia Gamez noted that in the January 26, 2012 working draft map the population in the Southeast and Eastern districts is more concentrated than in the rest of the City. She stated that a 10% population spread is too much and gives under populated districts too much voting power. She urged the Task Force to make the population more equal. Rafael Mandelman urged the Task Force not to move District 8 too far to the West. He stated that the Castro is part of the eastern side of the City and should be the heart of District 8. He stated that he supports the community unity map.
Walter Caplan, Forest Knolls Neighborhood Association, thanked the Task Force for moving the Forest Knolls neighborhood back into District 7 on the January 26, 2012 working draft map. He informed the Task Force that many projects such as sewer, water, recreation, and Public Utilities Commission are Westside matters.
Marvin Lee, Mission district resident, requested that the Task Force keep in mind, when drawing lines, communities of interest that they may be dividing or mixing together.

3. Task Force Budget. (9:00 p.m. to 9:08 p.m.) Vice Chair Lam presented the revised Task Force budget. She informed the Task Force that $20,000 had been reallocated from the administrative budget and proposed that these funds be used for media outreach, telephone surveys, technical support, and community assistance.
Public Comment: None

4. Community Outreach. (9:08 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.) The Task Force discussed future outreach activities such as telephone surveys, media outreach, and community technical assistance. The Task Force indicated that these outreach activities will be beneficial in receiving input from members of the public who cannot attend Task Force meetings. Public Comment:
Chris Bowman supported the telephone survey and possibly a walking tour in neighborhoods to receive feedback from the public.

5. Meeting Schedule. (9:30 p.m. to 9:35 p.m.) The Task Force discussed proposed meeting dates for after March 29, 2012 and agreed to consider finalizing these dates at the February 6, 2012 meeting.
Public Comment: None

6. Task Force Member Reports. (9:35 p.m. to 9:40 p.m.)
Member Pilpel reported that he had made a presentation at UC Hastings School of the Law on January 28, 2012. He also reported that he attended the last meeting of the Redevelopment Agency and two historical society events. He informed the Task Force that on February 3, 2012 he would be attending the Neighborhood Network, which is a group of planning activists. Finally, Member Pilpel reported that he will making a presentation to the Youth Commission.
Member Mondejar reported that she had distributed announcements with the updated meeting schedules and locations to the ethnic media.
Chair McDonnell reported that he attended a meeting in District 5 and provided an overview of the redistricting process. Chair McDonnell informed the Task Force that he and Vice Chair Lam would be attending a meeting on February 7, 2012 of the Potrero Hill Democratic Club. He also reported that there would be a meeting in the Western Addition on February 13, 2012 at 6 p.m. and a meeting of the Duboce Triangle Neighborhood Association on February 13, 2012 at 7:30 p.m.
Public Comment:
Chris Bowman, 1995 Task Force member, informed the Task Force that he had attended the January 28, 2012 presentation at UC Hastings School of the Law.

7. Public Comment. (9:40 p.m. to 9:43 p.m.)
Chris Bowman informed the Task Force that he would provide the Realtors' proposed maps to the Task Force. He also suggested that there be a public forum to review and discuss proposed citywide maps which the Task Force has received from the community.

8. Future Agenda Items. (9:43 p.m. to 9:47 p.m.)
Chair McDonnell requested that the regular standing items of Mapping, Community Outreach, and Budget, along with the meeting schedule, be on the next agenda.
Members Tidwell and Pilpel requested that a future agenda include a discussion of the process of how the Task Force would review citywide maps which have been submitted by the public.
Public Comment: None

9. Adjournment

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:47 p.m.
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