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Draft Action Plan 2008 -2010

Action Plan 2008-2010

Discretionary Review (DR) Reform

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Elaine Forbes

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Lisa Chau


The Action Plan, which the Commission endorsed on July 17, 2008, includes as one of six objectives, "enable the Planning Commission to focus on higher-level policy issues". This objective contains "reform the Discretionary Review Process, with the public, the Planning Commission, and staff as intended beneficiaries". An internal working group – consisting of Glenn Cabreros, Lisa Chau, Kate Conner, Elaine Forbes, Jonas Ionin, Cecilia Jaroslawsky, David Lindsay, Craig Nikitas, Scott Sanchez, Aaron Starr, Tina Tam and Elizabeth Watty – began meeting weekly starting on August 5, 2008 to develop a draft proposal to improve the Discretionary Review Process. The internal working group reviewed prior audits from the Board of Supervisor's Budget Analyst, Matrix Consulting, and the SPUR AIA report, conducted jurisdictional comparisons, reviewed case trends and used professional experience to develop a draft proposal.


Public Outreach Meetings

10/15/2008 DR Outreach Meeting Invitation
12/03/2008 DR Hearing Invitation on 12/11/2008
1/15/2009 DR Outreach Meeting Invitation on 2/10/2009
8/19/2009 Pre-Application Thresholds Brown Bag meeting
1/14/2010 DR Outreach Meeting Invitation for 1/27/2010 and 2/2/2010


10/29/2008 DR Outreach Meeting Notes
11/05/2008 DR Outreach Meeting Notes
11/12/2008 DR Outreach Meeting Notes
11/19/2008 DR Outreach Meeting Notes
5/6/2010 DR Outreach Meeting Notes
5/10/2010 DR Outreach Meeting Notes


Publications & Presentations

12/11/2008 12.11 DR case report
4/2/2009 DR Case Report
5/14/2009 5.14.09 DR report
6/18/2009 DR Memo for 6/18 hearing
2/22/10 Memo to Land Use Committee
3/4/10 Planning Commission Policy Resolution 3/4/10
3/7/10 Memo to Land Use (data)
  Amendments to the Whole Ord with Summary
  Tier 1 and Tier 2


10/28/2008 DR Advisory Presentation
DR Outreach Meetings
12/11/2008 DR Informational Hearing
2/10/2009 DR Public Outreach Meeting
4/2/2009 DR Hearing
6/18/2009 DR Hearing on 6/18/09
09/09/2009 Small Business Commission Presentation
10/19/2009 Land Use Presentation
11/2/2009 Land Use Presentation
11/23/2009 Land Use Presentation
12/12/2009 District 11 Council Presentation
1/21/2010 Upper Noe Neighbors Presentation
1/27/2010 Public Outreach Presentation
2/2/2010 Public Outreach Presentation

Land Use Presentation

Commission & Staff DR Alignment Presentation

Discretionary Review Reform: Interim Policy


Open Letters

11/16/2009 Open letter to Coalition for SF Neighborhoods



Public Comments

Alan Burradel
Alexander Schroeder
Andrew Junius
Candace Barnes
Cedric Dupont
Cow Hollow
Dipak R. Patel
Erik R. Puknys
Frederick Gibson
Gary Bell
Henry Karnilowicz
Joe Acayan
John Lum
John Schlesinger
Joshua Gnass
Kimberlee Stryker
Kristin Hansen
Linda Frey
Louis H Felthouse
Marada De Ley
Nancy Wuerfel
Patricia and William Magee
Paul Wermer
Peter Cohen
Sandra and Fred Herrera
Steve Kopff and Pete Lenox
Steven Aiello
Victor Tam
William Pattengil
Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods
David Gast
Fred Horsfield
Sarosh Kumana
Pacific Heights Residents Association
Dennis Flynn
Telegraph Hill Dwellers
Christopher Lord
Outer Mission Merchants Residents Association
Prado Group
St. Francis Homes Association
Upper Noe Neighbors 
San Francisco Housing Action Coalition
Gwen Sanderson



DR Reform Proposals

Aaron Goodman
Alfred Martinez
Bret Harte Terrace-Francisco Street Neighborhood Association
Chet Matuszak
Cow Hollow Neighborhood pre-application
David Ehrlich
Dennis Flynn
Georgia Schuttish
Heidi Liebes
Henry Karnilowicz
Kevin Dill
Lisa Wong
Louis Felthouse
Louis Felthouse 2
Matt Chamberlain
Michael Pierry
Miraloma Park Improvement Club
Penelope Clark
Rose Hillson
Rose Hillson 2
Ross Levy
Edith McMillan
Jed Lane
Peter Cohen, Judy Hoyem, Jacqueline Mohanna, PeterWermer
San Francisco Neighborhood Network
Miraloma Park Improvement Club2
Sue Hestor

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