Community Services Specialized

This Division is comprised of 3 specialized units. The INTENSIVE SUPERVISION / SERVICES UNIT (ISU), the DOMESTIC VIOLENCE UNIT, and the SEX OFFENDER UNIT (SOU). Caseloads assigned to the Division specialize in Mentally Ill Offenders (Behavioral Health Court- BHC); Community/ District Station Gang Offenders, Sex Offenders, Habitual Offenders, and Domestic Violence Offenders. Officers in this Division have a specific focus on cases in these areas of discipline and provide specialized attention to cases assigned to their respective caseloads. The officers in this Division generally have lower caseload sizes and provide a level of supervision which includes a significant amount of time in the community (“field”). There are some officers in this Division such as the Mental Health / BHC officers who provides some level of services for BHC clients (both probation clients and non-probation clients) as a collaborative partner in BHC process. They have certain office hours at Citywide Case Management Services in the community to facilitate the BHC services for these clients. Members of the Division attend various Community Meetings and Crime Reduction Meetings with various law enforcement agencies to provide theses service providers with input on how probation supervision efforts could be incorporated in these community activities. Certain Division assignments have collaborative process with specialized Courts such as Domestic Violence Court to provide coordinated collaborative services for probationers. These processes require staff to work closely with these community based agencies and in some cases they facilitate case conferences with these agencies to enhance these coordinated efforts. Staff in this Division used evidence based practices in the service and supervision efforts and has worked non-traditional hours to facilitate the needs of the assigned caseloads.