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The Comprehensive Collections Unit (CCU)

The Comprehensive Collections Unit (CCU)
Superior Court of California, County of San Francisco

The Comprehensive Collections Unit is responsible for collecting all criminal fines and fees imposed by the Court at sentencing when someone is convicted of a crime. Once sentenced, people are ordered to appear at the CCU forthwith to pay the fines and fees or set up a monthly payment plan to pay fines and fees. People who fail to appear (FTA) at the CCU after sentencing as ordered by the Court are subject to a $300 Civil Assessment for failure to pay which is added to the balance due.

The CCU has four (4) Senior Collections Officers who handle all matters referred for the collection of fines and fees. The Collection Officers work with clients to determine whether they have an ability to pay the fines and fees imposed by the court. They will work with clients to set up reasonable payment arrangements if the fines and fees cannot be paid in full.


Sally Pina - Manager, Comprehensive Collections Unit

AnaMaria Birdsong – Supervisor, Comprehensive Collections

Karla Barcia – Supervisor, Bureau of Delinquent Revenue





Senior Collection Officers:


David Wong

Gayle Mathews

Robert Wolfe

Rose Tan





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