Maggie Weiland

Portrait of Maggie Weiland

Maggie Weiland is Executive Director of the Entertainment Commission, which works to support and regulate entertainment and nightlife in the City and County of San Francisco. Maggie joined the Commission staff three years ago, serving first as Deputy Director, followed by Acting Director upon the retirement of the previous Director. Maggie is a Bay Area native, avid show-goer, and singer who is passionate about supporting musicians, artists, and small businesses so that they are not only able to survive, but are also able to thrive in San Francisco.

Maggie has spent the last nine years in public service in San Francisco including working in the administrations of Mayor Newsom and Mayor Lee. Later, she joined the Outreach Team at the Department of the Environment, campaigning for sustainability in San Francisco. Maggie then spent a year volunteering for the Harvey Milk Foundation as the Foundation’s San Francisco lead, working with a global community in the fight for equality in the 77 countries around the world that still persecute members of the LGBTQ community.

Prior to joining the Entertainment Commission, Maggie worked at the San Francisco Film Office, focusing on increasing filming in San Francisco while supporting film productions that ranged from student projects to feature films. Maggie graduated with a Masters in Public Administration from the University of San Francisco in December 2015, and hopes to deepen her work as a public servant through her experiences at the Entertainment Commission.