Graduating SFUSD

Class of 2023

Seniors Graduating in June  (Spring semester)

Congratulations to K2C's first cohort of graduating students! We will release our application in Spring for you to claim your college savings.  Until then, please continue to save and earn incentives with your K2C account. Seniors can also receive early reminders from K2C by text and email when K2C's application goes live.

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Steps to get your money for college

1Complete K2C’s intake form (available in April) for SFUSD seniors graduating Spring 2023;

2Stop making additional contributions with K2C (discontinue bill pay, direct deposit, branch, mail); 

3Confirm how you want to receive your funds to pay for your higher education! 

Frequently Asked Questions

K2C's application for disbursement goes live in April, however payments follow graduation in June. Overall, from the time you submit your request to when you receive funds may take 1-2 months, depending on your preferred method of payment.

  • We review intake forms when you submit them and will communicate whether additional information is needed from you.  

  • We confirm your balance and payment method with your signature via Docusign. 

  • Payments are sent weekly for Zelle, transfers to ScholarShare are made monthly.


Examples include:

  • Four Year College/University
  • Jr. College/Community College
  • Trade/Vocational School
  • Post-secondary apprenticeship or training program


Examples include:

  1. Transfer money to a bank account via Zelle 

Quickest disbursement option: Please use the email associated with Zelle and your bank account. If you are not registered for Zelle, you will receive instructions from the City and County of San Francisco’s banking partner Bank of America on how to register. If K2C is unable to successfully transfer funds electronically into the above account, a check payable to the student will be mailed to the address on record.  

  1. Transfer money to a 529 California ScholarShare account.

For higher balances or students postponing higher education: Although there are many 529 providers to choose from, K2C can wire transfer your balance to California ScholarShare directly. We will ask you for your 529 account number and name of the account owner (Parent/Guardian or Student 18+) and beneficiary (student).  Visit the “Save with a 529” section of K2C’s site to learn about opening a 529 account and eligibility for ScholarShare’s 2022 matching grant. 

We will be adding a pre-paid card option as well for the graduation class of 2023. If the payment options highlighted above do not work for you, please still submit our form and the K2C team will follow up with you. We may be able to issue a check payable to the student in special circumstances.

Incentives Only Balance

If you graduate Spring Semester 2023, and we do not receive an application from you by August 2023, any incentives awarded by Kindergarten to College (K2C), including the initial $50, will recycle back into the program for use by active K2C participants.  

Balances with Contributions and Incentives  

If you graduate Spring semester 2023 and we do not receive an application from you by August 2023, then after one-year (for those with total contributions less than $15) or three years (for those with contributions of $15 or more), contributions are lost and any earned Kindergarten to College (K2C) incentives will return to the program for use by active K2C participants.

If you have special circumstances, including a disability, military service or participation in Americorps, please email and the K2C team will follow up with you. 

​​​​​​You can find your K2C account number and register to view your account balance online.  Any contributions to your K2C account made after the graduation application becomes available will be rejected by Citibank. Your account will not earn any new incentives either. 

Get questions answered during Zoom office hours (Tuesday 4-5pm in English and Thursdays 9:30am-10:30 am in Spanish). We can also be reached at or by calling 3-1-1 (in San Francisco) or 415-701-2311 in multiple languages.  Our team is here to support you on the next step of your college saving journey!