Process Improvements Effective August 27

Effective August 27, 2018

As part of San Francisco Planning’s ongoing process improvement efforts, certain minor scopes of work on landmark buildings and in Historic and Conservation Districts will be processed administratively by the Planning Department:

  • ADA push buttons and strike plates
  • Business signs
  • Non-visible rooftop equipment
  • Historic landmark plaques
  • Awnings and skylights (landmark and historic districts only)

Processing these routine scopes of work administratively will help reduce processing time so staff can focus on bigger projects. This also provides property owners and tenants more predictability as to what can be approved over the counter versus what will need to be heard at Commission.

For more information about the scopes of work eligible for over-the-counter approval on historic buildings, please contact Tim Frye, Historic Information Officer, at or the Planning Information Center at (415) 558-6377 or

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