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Workshop #3 Summary
Opportunities and Possibilities
February 1, 2001

The third workshop in our series was held on February 1, 2001. About 45 attendees saw presentations on the work now in progress to develop the specific plan. We built upon the first two workshops to present some possibilities for the neighborhood. Based upon our explorations of the physical, social, and economic character of the Central Waterfront's, we framed alternative visions for its role as a neighborhood.

To place some of these ideas "on the ground," we presented concepts for developing a "neighborhood heart" along east-west streets, and discussed what it might take to support some of the services that residents say are needed in the area, such as a grocery store.

Thanks to all who came to hear our ideas and share yours with us. From this workshop we will develop the framework of a draft plan for the neighborhood, which we will review with you in a second set of workshops beginning later this summer. Check back for dates and times and/or contact us to get on the mailing list for notification.

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