Housing Policy Group

Extended: Apply by September 21, 2018

The San Francisco Planning Department will work with consultants and other city agencies to develop a Housing Affordability Strategy (HAS) that will develop numeric goals and an inventory and assessment of current and potential tools to improve housing affordability with a focus on low and moderate-income households. The HAS will provide a framework to help city staff, policymakers, and the public assess how our policies and plans work together to address housing affordability for our diverse population.

The Housing Policy Group (HPG) will bring together the expertise and perspectives of professionals representing organizations that work on housing affordability and homelessness, directly build, finance, and manage housing, work with tenants and property owners, or represent housing developers, both non-profit and for-profit. The HPG will provide input on the HAS process including but not limited to:

  • Identify key social outcomes related to housing and develop numeric housing affordability goals
  • Assess the impact of housing affordability tools including funding, policies, and plans
  • Review consultant work and deliverables at different steps in the process

The input of the HPG will be combined with input from a technical expert group made up of researchers in housing economics, housing planning, and demographic forecasting as well input from the general public through forums, workshops, and online.

The HPG will meet at least 5 times over the estimated year-long course of the project beginning in September/ October 2018 and meetings will last approximately 2 hours.

Download the Housing Policy Group Application here.