India Basin Mixed-Use Development Project

areial rendering of india basin


India Basin is located along the San Francisco Bay generally between the PG&E Power Plant site and Hunters Point Shipyard. The proposed India Basin Mixed-use Project consists of two main components:

The first main component is the 700 Innes Avenue Development Project, which currently consists of 17.2 acres of mostly bay fill vacant land.   The Project envisions the creation of a mixed-use village with retail shops, apartments, and townhomes intricately linked to a six-acre park along the shoreline.   At completion, 700 Innes would include approximately 1,250 dwelling units, an allowance of up to 270,000 gsf of retail, and 1,800 parking spaces. The Project would also include approximately 5.62 acres of publicly accessible open space, and 4.3 gsf of publicly accessible right-of-way. 

The second main component is the India Basin Waterfront Parks and Trails Project, which would include the creation of a new City park at 900 Innes (1.8 acres) along with the rehabilitation of two existing open spaces, India Basin Shoreline Park (5.6 acres) and India Basin Open Space. 

The Project will help fulfill several Planning efforts, including the Bayview Hunters Point Community Revitalization Concept Plan, the Draft India Basin Subarea Plan, the India Basin Neighborhood Association Vision Plan, among others. 

The project is expected to publish its EIR in late spring. Click the following link to read the Notice of Preparation for the Project.

It is anticipated that the master approvals of the project will include rezoning (establishment of a Special Use District specifically for the site) and a Development Agreement between the Project Sponsor and the City.


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