The Sea Level Rise Action Plan

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Working Together to Build San Francisco's Resilience to Sea Level Rise

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The Sea Level Rise Action Plan is a call to action for City departments and stakeholders to work together to make San Francisco a more resilient city in the face of rising sea levels.

The Plan, led by San Francisco Planning and San Francisco Public Works, defines an overarching vision and set of objectives for future sea level rise and coastal flooding planning and mitigation in San Francisco.

Proactive, thoughtful adaptation planning will allow San Francisco to minimize risks and meet the challenges posed by rising seas. The innovation, creativity, and inclusivity that have always inspired growth and development in San Francisco will support both sea level rise adaptation and continued growth as a leading global city.

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The Action Plan is the first step towards the development of the Citywide Sea Level Rise Adaptation Plan, expected to be completed by summer 2018, which will incorporate the adaptation strategies identified in the Action Plan and set a planning framework to prioritize investments to best improve climate resilience, while protecting economic and environmental value. The Sea Level Rise Adaptation Plan will also identify potential funding sources, governance structures, and implementation timelines.

Mayor Lee assembled the Sea Level Rise Coordinating Committee in March 2015, an interagency task force of twelve City departments co-chaired by San Francisco Planning and San Francisco Public Works to develop a comprehensive understanding of the threat of sea level rise and to create a decisive plan of action. The Sea Level Rise Action Plan is the Committee’s first task.

The Sea Level Rise Action Plan completes four strategic tasks:

  • Establishes an overarching vision, goals, and a set of guiding principles for sea level rise planning;
  • Summarizes current climate science, relevant policies and regulations, and vulnerability and risk assessments conducted to date;
  • Identifies data gaps and establish a framework for further assessment, adaptation planning, and implementation; and
  • Provides the foundation and guidance to develop a citywide Sea Level Rise Adaptation Plan


Sea Level Rise Action Plan (March 2016)

Presentation to Planning Commission (March 10, 2016)


Maggie Wenger
SF Planning Department