Zoning Maps

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San Francisco Property Information Map
Public access to useful property data
Enter search criteria for a case number, street address or parcel number and view reports for that property.
Example of reports include: Property (build date, sales price, land value, parcel number etc.), Zoning, Preservation, Applications and Permit histories, etc.
Zoning Heights Map
Jan 2018Zoning Map – Height/Bulk Districts
Map of the City height/bulk Districts.
Details on purchasing a printed poster of this map can be found here
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Zoning Map – Zoning Districts
A color-coded, single-document map (PDF) of the City showing Zoning Districts.
Details on purchasing this map can be found here.
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As Required
Zoning Maps per Planning Code §105 and §106
Published online by American Legal, the City's code publisher
» Zoning Use District (ZN)
» Height & Bulk District (HT)
» Special Use District (SU)
» Preservation District (PD)
» Coastal Zone (CZ)
» Special Sign District (SS)