Elder Justice Committee - October 4, 2016 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
October 4, 2016 - 3:30pm
850 Bryant Street, Room 322
San Francisco, CA

Meeting Minutes

  1. Sign-in and introductions

Liz Tarchi – DA Office                               Delia Montiel – DA Victim Services

Tamari Hedani – IOA                                Shirley Ledbetter – APS

Glen Fishman – IOA                                              Julia Cervantes – DA Office

Charles Bisesto – DA Office                      Tony Flores – SFPD


  1. Announcements & Updates
  1. Tamari announced staffing changes at APS/DAAS offices
  2. Liz said Elder Death Review Team getting closer to signing. Tara Anderson has been making revisions
  3. Tony mentioned Dean Reiss transferred to Richmond Station and he (Tony) will be SVU contact
  1. Checklist Workgroup Update – Charlie Bisesto & Tamari Hedani

(Inspector Gillespie/Lt. Ries/Sgt. Flores), SFDA (Charlie Bisesto), APS (Shirley Ledbetter), IOA (Tamari Hedani)

  1. Finalized draft of Elder Abuse Supplemental Checklist created by SFPD
  1. Several minor changes made to checklist and new draft will be distributed
    1. Review Department Bulletin
  1. It was decided that “shall’ verbiage will remain in bulletin
  2. Tony will check w/ Capt. Bailey if police reporting can be made outside of district incident took place
  3. Tony will look into policy directive, as reported lengthy wait times for APS workers/client too long. “Not acceptable” per Tony
  4. Tamari will add wording on “Prioritizing Older Adult Police Report” filings
  5. Julia requested adding alleged abuser/suspect to picture taking instructions and note to include pictures of face and hands of victim
  6. Julia also suggested moving “Preserve crime scene..” to the Photo Taking bullet point
  7. Tamari to send out updated draft with Friday, 10/7, deadline for input.
  8. Next steps: submit finalized draft to Inspector Flores to move up the chain at SFPD
  1. Additions to Elder Justice contact list
  2. Other comments/discussion
    1. Shirley asked about shift-changes at Police Stations and what is a reasonable time to wait. Tony thought one hour at most during shift changes
    2. Tamari was going to ask Dept. of Emergency Management if they have a policy on dispatching officers 
  3. Next meeting dates:
    1. Tuesday, November 15, 3:30-5 pm