Adult Trafficking Committee - May 12, 2017 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
May 12, 2017 - 2:30pm

Mayor’s Task Force on Anti-Human Trafficking - Adult Trafficking Committee Meeting


Friday, May 12th, 2017

2:30pm - 4:30pm 


Attendees: Lili Gamero (Mayor’s Office), Dongmei Tan (SF DPH), Victoria Chan (Advancing Justice - Asian Law Caucus), Gretel C. (SF District Attorney’s Office), Mirelle Raza (SF District Attorney’s Office), Aradhana Tiwari (Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreach)



Identifying Chair for Committee

Dongmei Tan will be Chair of Committee


Update on Resource List


Alameda County is still developing list for the whole Bay Area (at minimum would include East Bay and SF)

List will contain info re: shelters, legal service providers, etc.

Aradhana will meet Committee Members to discuss next steps


DSW has a Resource List and can share with group, to supplement Alameda’s List


There is a “1800 List,” where it provides resources for victims of crime
List is updated every May


Update on Stanford Online Human Trafficking Training


Connected with Golden Gate Restaurant Association and the Hotel Council; they will put blurb out to networks about the Training
Updates from Katherine at Stanford re: Training:

As of May 2017, 2,500 enrollments in Training

Enrollees in all trainings, not just hotel and restaurant training

About ½ of the enrollments completed the training
Most of the enrollees are general public members (when compared to the hotel), but there are still hotel enrollees
Enrollees not just from SF/California, but all over the world

SB 270, current state bill that would require hotel staff to be trained about HT. Bill states that CA Attorney General to develop or approve another provider’s training to comply with the proposed law

Hope is that if the bill passes, then the Task Force will connect with the Attorney General to roll out the Stanford Training to comply with the law. That would be great because then all hotels in state would need to pass the Training
SF sent letter in support of the bill
Status of bill: believe that it passed out of its first committee


Is there a Chinese translation of the word “trafficking/trafficked?”
Minouche: Cameron House to review the translation of the Chinese training


Update on Healthy Nail Salon Program


Training PPT in Chinese and English is being reviewed by ALC

Then, anticipated to test the Trainings in July and official roll out in August

Task to recruit more nail salons is put on hold as SF DOE is moving the current applicant nail salons along the process

Anticipating to do outreach to new salons in 2018

Task to do outreach to consumers

Still in talks with Google and Yelp on doing consumer outreach (similar to DPH uploading health safety scores of restaurants to Open Data and then Yelp pulling that data and putting in business’ Yelp page)
Potential idea doing similar outreach via platforms like Facebook and Pinterest


Update on Vocational Services

N/A bc none of Committee Members are present

Update on Good Food Purchasing Program Efforts


Idea was to introduce 5 elements (including nutritious, local, etc.) to when purchase food. The Center comes and does an audit a site (who supplies the food), and they have a database of companies that have, for example, labor violations, including labor trafficking.

Started with school districts now to big businesses
Task Force in conversations with SF General Hospital and Laguna Honda
Also in conversations with jails 


Update on outreach to labor groups


Met with Young Workers United, Labor Council (not a union but rather a coalition of unions). Told them about the Task Force. Currently in initial conversation stage.
The ask:

Introduce Taskforce and our different initiatives, then ask if they have interest to join/participate, Task Force wants to hear the issues that they might be seeing

Let Minouche know if there are any other organizations that we should be connecting with


Update on record expungement efforts

Aradhana (on behalf of Saerom):

Tues, May 16th training: for attorneys on expunging criminal records to engage on record expungement
Wed, May 17th training: for service providers who interact with the community, can inform community members about access to benefits that they may be qualified for
Trainings on May 21st - 22nd: from Orange County

More info/to register, can email Aradhana and Saerom


General updates:


On June’s Mayor’s Task Force Meeting, Alameda County representative will be doing a presentation on an app that the public can use to identify certain businesses that should have HT posters visible 

SB 1193: law that was enacted that requires certain businesses (such as non-food serving bars, massage establishments, strip clubs, truck stops, urgent healthcare centers, etc.) to hang the HT posters (currently in 3 languages)
In 2014: DSW identified 700 businesses in SF that should be complying with law, mailed out posters to them
One month later, they went around and did a check to see if businesses actually complied with law and posted the poster that they had sent but none of the businesses did so
Now, DPH is looking to see if businesses are complying with the law when they do inspections
Alameda County had set up a system to enforce this law, which includes the app

Should Task Force come up with a policy/memo shared to public regarding businesses that do not comply with labor laws?

Mirelle will confer with her intern to see if they can work on a research project re: a potential policy

To research other cities and Task Forces and see if they have similar ideas/actual policies, and to propose to the Labor Committee/Task Force later


Next Labor Committee Meeting:

Friday, August 11th at ALC

ALC is located at 55 Columbus Avenue, SF CA 94111

Minouche will be on vacation, Dongmei to Chair, Victoria to Co-Chair for the Meeting


Tentative Agenda:

To follow up on the different Goals (similar to today)