Annual Report - 2002-2003

Southeast Community Facility Commission
City & County of San Francisco
City & County of San Francisco
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San Francisco, CA 94124

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Annual Statement Of Purpose
Annual Report

July 1, 2002 - June 30, 2003

The Southeast Community Facility Commission is pleased to present this Annual Statement of Purpose and Annual Report to the Mayor, Board of Supervisors, and Citizens of San Francisco

Executive Director

July 1, 2002 - June 30, 2003

Background History

The Southeast Community Facility (SECF) Commission located at 1800 Oakdale Avenue was established in 1987 by an Ordinance SEC. 54.1 of the City's Administrative Code. The Southeast Community Facility was built as a mitigation measure in return for the Bayview Hunters Point (BVHP) community's acceptance of the Southeast Water Treatment Plant in the midst of their neighborhood.

Additionally, and in order to obtain the approval for the construction of this sewage treatment plant, the City agreed to operate and maintain, at City cost, this facility for the benefit of the community. The members of the SECF Commission are appointed and serve at the pleasure of the Mayor.

The Southeast Community Facility (SECF) located at 1800 Oakdale Avenue is a community-based/oriented facility with numerous programs and services. The facility also has an educational/training complex leased by the San Francisco Community College District. Most of the programs are non-profit in status making them affordable to the public. We also offer a wide range of assistance in the areas of employment opportunities, tax preparation, voter registration, and scholarship awards. This being a City structure, the Sunshine Ordinance mandates that public notices are disseminated in time to allow residents an opportunity to attend functions at the facility

The SEC Facility is such that it is centrally located and easily accessible to the public. Outside agencies have used the facilities (Alex Pitcher Community Room and E.P. Mills Community Center) to hold events, such as training workshops/seminars, job/health fairs, election polls, graduation/award ceremonies, etc. Government agencies and politicians have requested that town-hall meetings be held in the facilities to acquaint the residents of current events, and in times of crisis, to inform the community.

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the SECF Commission is to review and provide guidance regarding the operations of the SEC Facility and other facilities under its jurisdiction.

The yearly goal of the SECF Commission is to continue to promote/advocate improving the general economic, physical, health, public safety and welfare of all residents of San Francisco, particularly the BVHP Community.


Fiscal Year 2002-2003

Highlights of the Year

The Southeast Community Facility (SECF) Commission continues to oversee the operation and maintenance of the SEC Facility, the Greenhouse, the Earl P. Mills Community Facility, and the three satellite childcare centers (Captain Shorey Infant Daycare Program, Martin Luther King Childcare Center and Sojourner Truth Childcare Center).

The SECF Commission also continues to advocate for and support community organizations, health, welfare and economic development activities that are beneficial to the residents of San Francisco, mainly the disfranchised BVHP area.

The Fiscal Year 2002-2003 has been a year of significant accomplishment for the SECF Commission. During this period, as part of Mayor Willie Brown's commitment to revitalizing the BVHP neighborhood, third edition of the San Francisco Southeast Sector Resource Directory is ready to be published; and will be widely distributed throughout the City.

This Southeast Sector Resource Directory is another source of "informing the residents of San Francisco of the wealth of civic, religious, economic and social institutions available in the BVHP neighborhood". In addition to listing the businesses serving the Bayview Hunters Point area, we have included organizations, churches, financial/legal assistance, medical/family support services, educational/training locations, and childcare facilities.

On July 11, 2002: Supervisor Gavin Newsome made presentation before SECF Commission to discuss the "Homelessness Reform" in San Francisco and its impact on the Southeast Sector of the City.

On August 8, 2002: Supervisor Sophie Maxwell made presentation before the SECF Commission and spoke about "Health, Crime/Security and Economic Issues" confronting the Southeast Sector of the City.

Ms. Michelle Meeker, RN, of University of California Medical Center in conjunction with San Francisco General Hospital made presentation about the experiment in progress re: "Hypothermia as a Treatment for Severe Traumatic Brain Trauma".

On September 12, 2002: Dr. Arlene Ackerman, Superintendent of Schools (SFUSD) was invited to a "Get acquainted with the community" meeting. She updated the community on the Secondary School initiative & plans for a safer school environment.

Marc MacDonald, former Director of Department of Real Estate was invited to a "get acquainted" meeting with the community and gave updates on the four childcare facilities under the jurisdiction of the SECF Commission. Mr. Dave Pearson, Manager SF. State University Head start Program at Southeast Facility updated the Commission about "childcare services" and "statistical breakdown" of those being served in the Bayview Hunters Point area.

On October 23, 2002: Ms. Espanola Jackson was invited to speak on the history of Southeast Community Facility since its inception and financial obligations as stipulated in the mitigation agreement between the City and BVHP residents. Lemon Abrams, Director of Mayor's Office of Economic Development updated the commission on Hunters Point/Naval Shipyard and Economic concerns in the Bayview Hunters Point Community.

On November 14, 2002: Mr. Seth Steward, Director of the Small Business Commission (SBC), presented before the SECF Commission and spoke on "Merchants and new business development in the BVHP area"

On December 12, 2002: Jesse Williams, Jr. former Chief Probation Officer San Francisco Juvenile Probation Department presented before the SECF Commission and spoke on "Homeless Youth/Youth Guidance Center"

Damone Hale, Juvenile Probation Commission presented before the SECF Commission and spoke on "Homeless youth in BVHP"

George Smith, Director of the Mayor's Office on Homelessness presented before the SECF Commission and spoke on "Homelessness in San Francisco"

Barbara Brown, Director United Council of Human Services presented before the SECF Commission and spoke on "Feeding the Homeless/Hungry in BVHP"

On February 13, 2003: James Howard, Deputy Director, DPT presented before the SECF Commission and spoke on "Abandoned vehicle citations, and procedure for protesting citations in the BVHP Community"

Ron Vinson, Director Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services presented before the SECF Commission and spoke on "Outreaching and BVPH Community Issues"

Quijuan Maloof, from the Department of Public Health presented before the SECF Commission and spoke on "DPH's role in pedestrian traffic safety in the City"

On March 13, 2003: Rev. Arnold Townsend and Cornell Fowler from the Faith Based Housing appeared before the SECF Commission to talk about the upcoming "Affordable housing complex" in the Bayview Hunter's Point community and to seek the Commission support.

On March 26, 2003: Ed Smeloff, Assistant General Manager for PUC Power Policy appeared before the Commission and spoke on PUC's Electricity Resource Plan "Addressing Electricity need within the City"

On June 12, 2003: Mr. Jim Jefferson, President Primus Industry, Inc. was invited to present before the SECF Commission and discuss the History of SEC Facility since its inception, the mitigation process, legislation/documentation. The meeting was very educational.

Mr. Don Capobres, Senior Project Manager, S.F Redevelopment Agency was in attendance and updated the Commission/Community on the status of the new developments at the Hunters Point Shipyard.

Last year the SECF Commission hosted a solution-based community dialogue at the SEC Facility. Assistant Police Chief Earl Saunders and other City officials, as well as mental health professionals were in attendance. The goals of this dialogue were to: address the street violence events that have taken place in the community; address how the BVHP community has been impacted by violence; and update the Commissioners and residents on the "Take killers off the neighborhood streets and stop the violence project--the young men we love are being murdered and the killing won't stop unless we take a stand". The message from the law enforcement officers to the community was very precise and clear.

Policy Management

As legislatively mandated, implemented and enacted the following are policies and directives adopted by the SECF Commission:

·Handled all logistical arrangements for the SECF Commission and its committee meetings two - three times monthly.

·Implemented the provisions of the new San Francisco Sunshine Ordinance.

·Implemented the new requirement of posting notice of Commission agenda and minutes on the website. The SECF Commission website is http://www.sefacility.

·In conjunction with the Real Estate Department continued to manage the lease agreements for space usage at the four facilities under the "General Fund" budget.

·In conjunction with the PUC/Commercial Land Management Department continued to manage lease agreements for use of space at the Southeast Community Facility and Greenhouse under the "Clean Water Fund" budget. The lease for the Green House whose tenant is the Decorative Plant Services has expired and negotiation for the renewal in underway.

·Insured compliance with all relevant City, State and Federal laws and regulations included but not limited to, capital improvement grants, lease/contract agreements and work/service orders.

·Maintained compliance with regulatory requirements-especially American Disabilities Act (ADA) issues.

Outreach to Government, Business, Community Organizations and Interested Individuals

Business Development

The SECF Commission is very committed to the economic revitalization of Bayview Hunters Point and wants to see Mayor Willie Brown's vision of jobs, housing and economic vitality for area residents become a reality. Therefore, the SECF Commission has written letters of support for businesses, individuals and community organizations seeking support in promoting or bringing business to the BVHP. The SECF Commission has also invited public officials, representatives/entrepreneurs from business enterprises to address the Commission and the community-at-large:

·Co-chairs Mr. James Blanding & Mr. Cornelius Wise of Providence Church Foundation addressed the SECF Commission on the proposed 54-unit senior housing project to be built in BVHP. As a result of their presentation, the SECF Commission supported the Providence Church Foundation on their request of HUD202 funding for the project.

·Mr. Steve Moss of the SF Power Community Co-operative (Co-op) addressed and updated the SECF Commission on its funded project of $1.5 million from a $13 million State grant through the SF Department of Environment as a mitigation for the two power plants in Bayview Hunters Point and Potrero Hill. He explained the jobs and business opportunities that are available to the Community.

·Mr. Don Capobres, Project Manager of SF Redevelopment Agency updated the SECF Commission and BVHP Community on the status of the BVHP/Navy Shipyard.

·Mr. George Smith, Director of the Mayor's Office of Homelessness gave a presentation to the SECF Commission at its scheduled meeting. The topic was "Homeless Shelter Programs in San Francisco, particularly in the Southeast Sector of the City". He provided very useful information and the attendees were very grateful.

·Mr. Dwayne Jones, Executive Director of Young Community Developers was invited back to address the SECF Commission on the needs for more employment programs in BVHP. The Service Industry Placement Program, like all of those at YCD, is fast-paced and not only build job skills but provides opportunities to develop positive attitudes and self-esteem.

·Mr. Cedric Jackson, Director of One Stop Southeast Career Link Services/DHS was invited back to participate in dialogue with the Commissioners and members of the BVHP Community. The topic for discussion was an update of the Welfare-to-Work Program being administered in BVHP. The Department of Human Services operates a very successful One-Stop Career Center here at the SEC Facility.

Health & Environmental

The SECF Commission continued to extend follow-up invitation to:

·Dr. Mitchell Katz, Director of Department of Public Health to address health issues confronting the BVHP Community. Some of these health problems are a prevalence of breast cancer among the African-American women, prostate cancer, asthma and other respiratory ailments, etc.

·The SECF Commission continued to receive calls from local residents about the problem of BVHP/Navy Shipyard close-up and clean up. This issue was transmitted to Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. The community is very grateful to Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi for her continued support.

·The SECF Commission pledged its support to the BVHP Health and Environmental Resource Center/African-American Men's Health Initiative in its effort to seek funding to address prostate cancer in minority communities citywide. The SECF Commission supported the implementation of a program geared toward African-American males residing in Bayview Hunters Point, Visitation Valley, Western Addition, and Oceanview-Merced-Ingleside areas in order to reduce the prevalence of prostate cancer.

Public Safety

The SECF Commission who is aware and concerned about the need for public safety throughout the City issued invitations to various parties to specifically address these issues:

· Chief Earl Saunders of the San Francisco Police Department to address public safety and crime/violence prevention; as well as how to form partnership among the residents in fighting crime within the neighborhood and citywide.

· Captain Mike Puccinelli of the Bayview Police Station was invited in the past to discuss and share his goals/plans during tenure at this site. Since his assignment at the Bayview Police Station, he has implemented "Operation Cease Fire". This is a collaborative effort initiated by the Mayor's Office in which the SFPD, FBI, US Attorney's Office, Bureau of Alcohol & Firearms (ATF), California Bureau of Narcotics, State Parole Board, SF District Attorney's Office, Sheriff's Department, Adult Probation and Juvenile Probation meet every 4-5 weeks to develop a strategy directed at dealing with gang violence. Captain Puccinelli's main goal is to reduce the gang violence and make the BVHP area safer for those who reside and work in the Southeast sector. The SECF Commission, the staff, as well as the inhabitants of the southeast sector sincerely agreed and supported his goals.

Public Housing

The SECFCommission endorsed the Providence Church Senior Housing Project/ San Francisco Housing Development Corporation's proposal to HUD to build 54 units of new affordable senior housing in BVHP. The SECF Commission continues to support the San Francisco Housing Corporation's efforts in providing affordable housing opportunities for moderate and low-income families throughout the City.

FY 2001-2002 Budget

The SECF Commission's FY 2002-2003 budget was $719,293 of Clean Water Fund allocation and $306,260 of General Fund allocation. The SECF Commission would like to increase its budget to take care of some of the infrastructure problems associated with the facilities. With lack of funds, minor repairs become major projects, which in the long term not only costs the City more, but also aggravates tenants and hampers community relations.

Membership and Administration

The SECF Commission has seven members appointed by the Mayor, a staff of four full-time and one clerical assistant. The current Commissioners are: President Millard Larkin II, Vice President, Bobbrie Brown, Willie Kennedy, Ronald Person, Kim Nguyen, and Louise C. Jones. Commissioner Enola Maxwell just passed away.

The SECF Commission
also has three Sub-committees: Facilities Committee was chaired by former Commissioner Hardin (Focuses on tenants leases and rules & regulations for rental of Alex Pitcher Community Room and Earl P. Mills Auditorium); and Community Relations Committee chaired by former Commissioner Looper (Focuses on issues pertaining to the tenants, programs, community outreach, education, health and safety) newly formed Southeast Community Facility Commission Community Advisory Group, SECFC/CAG. (Focuses on community issues and concerns).

The FY `02-03 Staff was headed by Toye Moses, Executive Director (to the Commission); Annette Price, Commission Secretary (handles correspondence and agenda items, attends meetings/transcribes minutes, and performs routine office tasks); and Nancy Rodriguez, Clerical Assistant (coordinates community room rentals/activities, handles inter-departmental work/service orders, and assists in mailers). There are two work-ordered personnel assigned from the Department of Public Works/Bureau of Building Repair (Stationary Engineer and Custodian).

Through the Mayor's Youth Employment and Education Program and the PUC/Summer Youth Program Project PULL, the SECF Commission has been very fortunate to have talented local high school students to assist in the Commission's clerical work and outreach to the Community during the summer break.

The Future & In-coming Year

The Commission will continue to:

· Advocate for improving the general economic, physical, health, safety and welfare of the residents of the southeast sector while ensuring the safe operation of the SEC Facility, the Greenhouse, Earl P. Mills Center and the three satellite childcare facilities.

· Maintain good relations with residents and community groups within the southeast sector, the Mayor's office, Board of Supervisors, government officials, and all residents of San Francisco.

· Encourage local tenants to take stake in the community by becoming home and property owners, and working with developers to increase the percentage of affordable units for sale in their development.

· Work with potential business and housing developers to ensure maximum community benefit opportunities written into the "owner participation agreements".

· Uphold its partnership with the Mayor's Office of Community Neighborhood and Department of Public Works to promote clean safe neighborhoods in San Francisco.

· Maintain agreement with American Red Cross since the SEC Facility is designated to serve as an Emergency Red Cross shelter site in case of an earthquake or natural disaster.

· Maintain an ongoing communication with MUNI regarding the Third Street Light Rail Project and planning process.

· Work in conjunction with the Real Estate Department on the management of leases and agreements for property usage at the four childcare facilities under the General Fund budget.

· Work in conjunction with the PUC/Land management Division in the management of lease agreement for the SEC Facility and the Greenhouse under the Clean Water Fund Budget.

· Work closely with the PUC General Manager and the PUC/Water Pollution Control in strengthening communication links with the public on broader issues of community concern.

Community Partnerships in the Coming Year

The SECF Commission will continue to foster working relationships with the following local/city agencies and state/federal officials:

The Mayor/Office of the Mayor, Board of Supervisors, PUC/General Manager, Mayor's Office of Community Development, City Attorney's Office, Real Estate Department, Redevelopment Agency, SF Housing Authority, Parks & Recreation, Department of Public Works, Department of Public Health, MUNI, Mayor's Hunters Point Shipyard Citizen Advisory Committee, US Navy's Restoration Advisory Committee, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi's Office, Department of Health Services, etc.

In addition, the following private developers, churches, and community-based organizations:

Young Community Developers, Goodwill Industry, Alanique Consultant Company, Providence Baptist Church, The Infusion One, Southeast Alliance for Environmental Justice, BVHP/Project Area Committee, Third Street Light Rail Advisory Committee, BVHP Foundation, Southeast Community College Campus, Bayview Merchants Association, Tenants/Community Room Users, BVHP Opera House, BVHP Rotary Club, BAYCAT, Residents of Southeast Sector, (ROSES), etc.

The Southeast Community Facility Commission and staff would be remiss in failing to acknowledge the commendable job that Ms. Patricia Martel, PUC General Manager is doing in an attempt to find funding to remedy the Southeast Community Facility infrastructure problems, especially including the Childcare facilities.

Respectfully Submitted,
TOYE MOSES, Executive Director
Southeast Community Facility Commission