Southeast Community Facility Commission - June 22, 2022 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
June 22, 2022 - 6:00pm
Virtual Teleconference June 22, 2022 Adopted Minutes
San Francisco, CA 94112



Wednesday, June 22, 2022

6:00 P.M.


This meeting was held by Teleconference Pursuant to the Governor’s Executive Order N-29-

20 and the Twelfth Supplement to Mayoral Proclamation Declaring the Existence of a Local

Emergency Dated February 25, 2020


1.  Call to Order and Roll Call:  Chair Gina Fromer, called the meeting to order at 6:00 P.M.

Present:  Fromer, Murphy, Tran, Posey, Chung (arr.  6:02pm), Sanchez (arr. 6:07pm), Satele (arr. 6:18pm)


2.  Adoption of renewed findings under State Urgency Legislation to continue remote meetings during the COVID-19 Emergency and direct the Commission Secretary to agendize a similar resolution at a Commission meeting within the next 30 days.

Moved:  Murphy     Second:  Tran


Public Comment:

Community Member Oscar James greeted the Commission and was welcomed by Chair Fromer.


Ayes:  Sanchez, Chung, Murphy, Tran, Satele, Fromer, Posey


3.  Adoption of Minutes: May 25, 2022

Moved:  Posey   Second:  Murphy


Public Comment:  None


Ayes:  Sanchez, Murphy, Satele, Tran, Chung, Posey

Abstained: Fromer


4.  General Public Comment:  None


5.  Communications: (discussion only)

Correspondence Log -

Announcement of Groundbreaking of Critical Infrastructure at Sunnydale and Hunters View HOPE SF Sites

Invitation from Safe and Sound to join in the Welcome Back to School Celebration

Commission Staff


Public Comment:  None


Item #7 was moved by Chair Fromer and Dr. Monique LaSarre, Executive Director, Rafiki Coalition for Health & Wellness was introduced.


7.  Presentation:  COVID Hub Budget Cuts  (LaSarre) (discussion only)

(Dr. Monique LaSarre, Rafiki Coalition for Health & Wellness, Executive Director)

Dr. LaSarre thanked the Commission for the support provided at 1800 Oakdale which allowed the organization to host testing and weekly vaccine clinics.  She reported there are nine community hub organizations and over 30 that are contracted or subcontracted by the Department of Public Health.  They have received Foundation Funding that supplied over 30,000 tests and 15,000 vaccines over the last year and a half at 1800 Oakdale alone.  Rafiki has supplied COVID Care boxes with PPE, water, diapers, food, and cleaning supplies to anyone in the 94124 that tested positive for COVID.  She noted there were 450 positive cases this week due to a surge with the virus.

Dr. LaSarre reported a $9.5 million budget is shared between the 30 organizations.  Recently Rafiki Coalition was given less than a 30 day-notice that the work they have been doing for the last 18 months, in some instances without a contract, will end because there is no additional funding.  Dr. LaSarre noted the current surge in COVID, vaccines for young children are in the beginning stages, no information has been provided advising where second vaccines are available, and 150 community members are losing their jobs.

Dr. LaSarre noted a week prior to receiving the verbal notification the Chronicle was advised of the funding changes and before it could be verified Rafiki Coalition was told there was $6 million dollars available to extend the program, which would have provided a six-month extension.  The Rafiki Coalition has not received a funding notification, therefore there is no informed information regarding how future services will be provided to the Community.


Questions and Comments from Commissioners:

Chair Fromer asked if there was any feedback from the Dream Keepers Initiative or the Department of Public Health (DPH)?

  • Dr. LaSarre said DPH advised a fully funded 1-year extension for COVID-Plus and additional health screenings including mental health services would be provided.  These services were previously provided by Rafiki Wellness.  DPH advised the FEMA money is gone, however there was state and local money available but there was no plan.  The Mayor’s budget prioritized other areas such as Workforce Development and not the Community Hubs.  DPH cannot handle the necessary level of response and this is why the community organizations are needed.  Outside vendors received $11 million dollars of funding to continue to provide services to the community,  however the community does not trust outside vendors.  We have been advised by the Board of Supervisors to place a request in our add-back ask, and most of the community groups have done that.  Dr. LaSarre said they would appreciate the support of the Commission and the Dream Keepers to support the request for funding for the next 6-months so services can continue and ensure community workers keep their jobs.

Commissioners asked how any programs in the Bayview provide testing and vaccinations, and have they been affected in the same way?

  • Dr. LaSarre responded staff provides support at Alice Griffith, Double Rock, Opera Plaza, and 155 Jennings.  Without their support the only available site will be the Southeast Clinic.  She reported they have also been responsible for advising individuals with positive that they have been infected.  This service will not be available.


Commissioners said they were sorry to hear about funding cuts especially with COVID numbers going back up.  They thanked Dr. LaSarre for the work being done throughout COVID, and the work that was done prior to the pandemic with acupuncture and massage therapy.  These services are needed in a community that deals with a lot of mental health challenges.  The Commissioners asked what could be done to provide support to the organization?


Chair Fromer suggested forwarding a letter to the President of the Board of Supervisors to request funding for the next 6 months to facilitate the ramp down.

  • Dr. LaSarre said there would be $4.7 million available for the ramp down and although they support the 6-month timeframe, a 12-month period would provide more support to deal with living with COVID, as well as what might be needed in the event of the next Monkeypox outbreak.  She advised San Francisco started with one case and in less than 2 weeks there were 8 cases.  Dr. LaSarre reported following Juneteenth and Pride the numbers would be up.  She said the funding could help provide screenings, provide workforce development as well as life-saving processes.


Executive Director Pharr offered to work with Dr. LaSarre to develop a letter and return it to the Commission for approval.

  • Dr. LeSarre noted the Board of Supervisors would be taking public comment all day on Friday and anyone wishing to advocate should do so at that time.


Commissioner Murphy suggested adding “In regard to equitable healthcare accessibility for disenfranchised and marginalized communities”.  She noted it was important to have various sites because people were unable to access certain areas and also a transition period was needed to inform the community that these services will no longer be available after the 30th.


Chair Fromer said a letter will be provided to support the community sites and a transition period including a request to provide support for long-COVID and the impact it will have on the community within the next 12-months.


Commissioners asked if Supervisor Walton was helping in the effort?

  • Dr. LaSarre responded he has been incredibly supportive.  She reminded everyone to continue to wear their masks.


Public Comment:

Community Member Emily Wade-Thompson asked if the funding affected the school district because testing was also being done at community schools.

  • Dr. LaSarre responded the funding for vaccinations and testing in the schools was separate, however funding for the food trucks and regarding food scarcity may no longer be available in the new budget.

Director Pharr advised she will work with staff and provide a letter for the signature of Chair Fromer.

Chair Fromer returned to Item #6.


6.  Report of the Chair: (discussion only)

(Commissioner Fromer)

Chair Fromer announced the RFP for the Access Program at the new Center will close this Friday and the Commissioners were reminded to spread the word to their networks.

The Commission is interested in receiving updates from the Planning Department on the public hearing for the Southeast Rail Study and we also want to hear from the San Francisco County Transportation Authority.

The Grand Opening of the new Center is scheduled for August 20th.


Questions and Comments from Commissioners:

Commissioners requested more details regarding the Grand Opening.

  • Staff responded they are currently confirming entertainment and food from local vendors.  There will be family friendly activities, guided tours of the new Center, and highlighted local art.  The event is anticipated to begin at 11 am and will include local dignitaries as well as Chair Fromer and Executive Director Pharr.  An invitation has been forwarded to the Mayor as well, however we have not received a confirmation.

​​​​​​​Chair Fromer requested translation services for the Asian and Latinx communities.

  • Staff will work on making the service available.

Commissioners suggested the use of ethnic media and asked if the shuttle bus would be available for people with disabilities and seniors.

  • Staff will check with Christopher Kidd (SFMTA) to request shuttle service, but we do not know if it will be available at that time.


Public Comment:

Community member Ms. Wade-Thompson asked if the date provided was a Saturday.

  • Staff confirmed the day.


Director Pharr thanked her staff and colleagues for working to create a fantastic and fun event.

  • Staff reported an extensive outreach and marketing campaign was underway.


Community member Ms. Wade-Thompson announced the Bmagic Backpack Giveaway will take place the week before with an estimated 2000 backpacks being provided to the community.  She suggested attending the event and providing outreach to a large community crowd.

Community member Mr. Chester Williams requested an update on the digital infrastructure.

  • Staff responded free public Wi-fi will be available for the public to use with their laptops, cell phones, and tablets.  There will be digital signage on large TV screens where programming availability can be viewed.  We are also creating an Access Program where community members can borrow laptops and tablets to work on their personal or professional projects.

The meeting returned to Item #8.


8. Committee Reports:  (discussion only)

a.  Community Programs Advisory Committee (Murphy)

Commissioner Murphy reported there was no quorum and the items provided for informational purposes only were an introduction to a draft of the Reservation System and an update of the Access Program RFP.


b.  Facility & Design Advisory Committee (Sanchez)

Commissioner Sanchez reported the meeting consisted of a presentation of the Reservation System and a conversation regarding the Tenant RFP and the Access Program RFP.  Commissioner Sanchez advised she attended the Caltrain Study meeting at the Opera House with Advisory Committee Community Members in an effort to understand what the Community wants and what they are being told.  Many different perspectives were shared and were based primarily on where people live in District 10.  She said it is important to have the Caltrain team address the Commission directly.  The Committee Community Members have concerns regarding the different options and the way one was being heavily promoted although there are several that are available.  The overall feeling is the options should be shared equally and the community should be allowed to make the decision. 

In conclusion Commissioner Sanchez said she would like Caltrain to return to the Commission and provide the input they received from the community.   


Public Comment:  None     


9.  SECF Director’s Report (discussion only)(Pharr)

Emily Pharr, SECFC Executive Director

Director Pharr reported 1800 Oakdale remains closed with the following exceptions - Five-Keys is providing services, Wu-Yee Child Care remains open, and the vaccine clinic has not been affected by a funding loss at this time.  We are working with the Real Estate Division to extend their stay with a month-to-month agreement.  We expect them to stay as long as there is a need for services and funding is provided.

Regarding 1550 Evans we are conducting walk throughs to ensure the building is working with lights and properly placed furniture.  We are planning a walk through with the Arts Department to select placement of the 2D art.

The Access Program RFP is open until Friday and we look forward to receiving great proposals and a partnership for our Digital Equity Program.  The Tenant RFP closed last Friday.  The next step will be to put an evaluation panel together, look at the proposals and make a recommendation to this Commission.

We will continue to keep an eye on the Southeast Rail Study and will ask them to return to the Commission with their community findings.

We are in the process of vetting fees and policies and will bring the discussion to the Committees and the Commission next month.

We are discussing the possibilities of having an extra meeting in August to ensure everything is in place prior to the Grand Opening.

In closing Executive Director Pharr announced she will be on vacation beginning Friday and Deputy Director Berry will be available to provide support or contact her if necessary.


Questions and Comments from the Commissioners:

Commissioner Murphy asked if the vaccination clinic was being staffed by Rafiki Wellness staff?

  • Executive Director Pharr responded the Department of Public Health provided staff and she understood they plan to continue providing services.


Public Comment:  None.


10. Future Agenda Items: (discussion only)

Staffed announced the following:

  • Policy recommendations for Tenant Partners
  • Adopting By-Laws for 1550 Evans
  • Christopher Kidd and the Shuttle Service
  • Customer Service Model
  • Operations Plan
  • COVID Funding


Chair Fromer had a question regarding the opening of 1800 Oakdale and if it is not going to be reopened the public should be notified.  She requested an update regarding if the building will be used and an update regarding the departure of City College.

  • Staff advised they would report back.


Public Comment:   None.


11. Announcements:

Commissioner Murphy announced a Grand Opening job hiring event in August called “Call It A Comeback”.  This will be the first event in two years.  She announced the new CEO is Dr. Jon Skolnick and invitations to the job hiring event will be provided soon.


Commissioner Posey announced Uncle Damien Day is this Sunday.  There will be a barbeque and 300 bag lunches will be provided.  He reported he was given the key to the City by Mayor Breed last year and plans to provide a day of service and appreciation to the community.  He reported he plans to be of service to every community, but this year will focus on the Bayview by feeding the community and participating in the community clean-up from 10 am to 12 pm.  After the work is done the group will go to District 6, SOMA District to continue celebrating from 1pm to 5 pm.


Vice-Chair Sanchez announced the first in person Five-Keys graduation since COVID.  There have been approximately 160 graduates over the last three years and 75 have RSVP’d to participate.  The event is tomorrow at 11 am at St. Bridges Church near Van Ness Avenue.  Vice-Chair Sanchez announced the Master of Ceremony will be Sheriff Miyamoto.

  • Staff congratulated Vice-Chair Sanchez and the Five-Keys organization.


Chair Fromer announced the Child Care at the new Center was providing priority slots for African American children from the 94124-zip code.  They will be funded by a secondary source and any family trying to find or pay for childcare can be referred to her through the Commission secretary.


Executive Director Pharr reminded everyone of the flyer they received announcing the Wu-Yee Scholarship Application.  The first round of applications will close on June 30.  The scholarship program was created through our relationship with the SFPUC and because of the lower rate we negotiated the savings are going back to the community through this scholarship program.  She encouraged the Commissioners to widely share this information with their networks.


Chair Fromer reminded the Commission of Bayview community members who visited the Commission and requested more African American children be admitted to Wu-Yee Child Care.


Public Comment: None.


12. Adjournment:

The meeting adjourned at 7:10 pm.

The next meeting of the Southeast Community Facility Commission will be Wednesday, July 27, 2022.

​​​​​​​Carla Vaughn, Commission Secretary