Institutional Master Plans

All medical and post-secondary educational institutions in the City and County of San Francisco must file a current Institutional Master Plan ("IMP") with the Planning Department.
SF Planning building on Mission Street

An IMP is a document that describes existing and anticipated institutional development. With certain minor exceptions, no building permit or Conditional Use authorization may be approved for institutions that are out of compliance with applicable IMP requirements.

IMPs are required in order to:

  1. provide notice and information to public agencies and the public so that early and meaningful involvement may occur prior to substantial investment by the institution,
  2. enable the institution to make modifications in response to comments prior to more detailed planning, and
  3. provide public agencies and the public with information that may help guide land use decisions.

Following the Planning Commission's acceptance of an IMP, an institution must submit updates to the Zoning Administrator every two years. Updates are also required if the institution's plans or the implementation of any plans significantly diverge from the IMP. New IMPs are typically required every ten years.

IMPs may be either "full" or "abbreviated." An institution is eligible to submit an abbreviated IMP if it occupies either (a) less than 50,000 square feet outside the C-3 District or (b) less than 100,000 square feet within the C-3 district. All other institutions must submit full IMPs. While full IMPs are reviewed by the Planning Commission at a public hearing, filings of abbreviated IMPs are simply reported to the Commission so that it may decide whether or not to hold a hearing.

The full scope of IMP requirements is found in Planning Code Section 304.5.

The following list describes the current filings of all institutions in San Francisco which are subject to IMP requirements. Questions about this list and the IMP process should be directed to the Office of the Zoning Administrator.

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Name of Institution Most Recent
IMP Acceptance Date (1)
Most Recent
Biennial Update Submittal Date (2)
Academy of Art University 03/23/2018 (pending)
Feb 2018 (pending)
07/03/2017 (revised
from 05/01/2017)
Alliant International University 04/05/2012  
American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine 12/20/2002  
Art Institute of California - San Francisco 02/05/2009  
Babson College 05/12/2011  
California College of the Arts  01/18/2018 04/25/2013 04/22/2016
California Culinary Academy  exempt exempt
California Institute of Integral Studies    
California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) 11/19/2009 04/09/2013
Chinese Hospital 05/19/2011 06/23/2014
City College of San Francisco exempt exempt
DeVry University / Keller Graduate School of Management 06/21/2001 03/09/2005
Embassy CES (aka Center for English Studies LLC) 06/24/2010  
Everest College 10/28/2010  
Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising 04/21/2008 03/04/2015
Golden Gate University 12/07/2017  
Great Western University    
Groupe INSEEC 09/08/2016  
Haight Ashbury Free Clinics 11/02/2006  
Heald College 08/12/2010  
HealthRIGHT 360  04/16/2015  
Holberton School 07/21/2016  
Hult International Business School June 2018  
Kaiser Foundation Hospitals 12/05/2013
Letter Update - 11/15/2016
Laguna Honda Hospital 11/17/1994  
Lehigh University 03/29/2018  
Miami Advertising School 06/21/2012  
Northeastern University 07/20/2017 09/04/2018
Northwestern University 01/28/2016  
Samuel Merritt University 07/28/2011  
San Francisco Art Institute 07/20/2017
San Francisco Conservatory of Music 05/09/2017 04/10/2003
San Francisco General Hospital Medical Center 04/10/2008  
San Francisco State University exempt exempt
School for Self-Healing 11/19/1998  
Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute 05/17/2001  
St. Francis Hospital 07/22/2010  
St. Mary's Medical Center 02/18/2010 07/30/2018
University of California, Hastings College of Law 12/23/2015 exempt
University of California, San Francisco exempt exempt
University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business, West Coast Campus 06/02/2011  
University of Phoenix 08/09/2007  
University of San Francisco IMP (hearing date 03/13/2014)
IMP Supplements A & B
Updated Transportation Memo (05/12/2013)
University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry 09/15/2011 12/31/2013
Veterans Administration Medical Center exempt exempt
Westmont College / San Francisco Urban Program 11/14/2002  


1. A full IMP is accepted upon the closure of the Commission's public hearing, while an abbreviated IMP is accepted upon the ZA's reporting of such filing to the Commission unless the Commission requests a hearing, in which case it is accepted upon the closure of the hearing.
2. An update is required every two years from the date of acceptance of an IMP describing the current status of the IMP.