Neighborhood Groups Map

This map shows neighborhood boundary lines as defined by the San Francisco Planning Department. To locate a specific property, type an address and click the "search" button.

Neighborhood Group Notification

  • As per the Planning Code, the department maintains a contact list of neighborhood groups and individuals for each neighborhood on the map. These contacts are part of the neighborhood notification process, described in detail in our Neighborhood Notification Handout.
  • Depending on your subscription setting, subscribers may receive up to 500 notices annually. 
  • Applicants required to issue public notices as part of their project should download the Neighborhood Contact List (click on any neighborhood designation in the map below and right-click the link "Neighborhood Contact List" to save the file).
  • To add your neighborhood group to the contact list, fill out the Neighborhood Group Notification Form.
  • To update your neighborhood group contact information, please email with the correct contact information.

Looking for a List of the Neighborhood Groups?

Please note - this list is maintined by the Planning Department for organizations who have subscribed to receive Planning notifications as per Planning Code Section 311 and 312. This is not a comprehensive list of all neighborhood organizations in San Francisco.

To view a list of the neighborhood groups associated with a particular neighborhood, click on the map below and download the excel spreadsheet containing contact details for all neighborhood groups that have expressed interest in receiving Planning Department notices.

At the bottom of the downloaded excel spreadsheet, you will find a worksheet tab that lists all the neighborhoods in alphabetical order. Click on the arrow pointing right, and the excel sheet will scroll to the other worksheet tabs for the specific neighborhoods that you're looking for. Once you've clicked on the correct neighborhood tab, the list of groups and organizations for that particular area will appear.

If you have any questions, please contact

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The data behind this map can be downloaded from SanFranciscoData.