Campaign & Government Code

Article III: Conduct Of Government Officials And Employees
Chapter 2: Conflict Of Interest And Other Prohibited Activities

Sec. 3.200.

Findings and Purpose.

Sec. 3.202.


Sec. 3.204.

Amendment or Repeal of this Chapter.

Sec. 3.206.

Financial Conflicts of Interest.

Sec. 3.208.

Appointments and Nominations.

Sec. 3.210.

Voting on Own Character or Conduct.

Sec. 3.212.

Decisions Involving Family Members.

Sec. 3.214.

Disclosure of Personal, Professional and Business Relationships.

Sec. 3.216.


Sec. 3.218.

Incompatible Activities.

Sec. 3.220.

Prohibition on Dual Office Holding.

Sec. 3.222.

Prohibiting Members of Boards and Commissions from Contracting with the City and County.

Sec. 3.224.

Prohibition on Representing Private Parties before Other City Officers and Employees--Compensated Advocacy.

Sec. 3.226.


Sec. 3.228.

Disclosure or Use of Confidential City Information.

Sec. 3.230.

Prohibition on Political Activity.

Sec. 3.232.

Prohibition on Use of Public Funds for Printed Greeting Cards.

Sec. 3.234.

Post-Employment Restrictions.

Sec. 3.236.

Aiding and Abetting.

Sec. 3.228.

Filing of False Charges.

Sec. 3.240.

Provision of False or Misleading Information; Withholding of Information; and Duty to Cooperate and Assist.

Sec. 3.242.

Penalties and Enforcement.

Sec. 3.244.


Article IV: Protection Of Whistleblowers
Chapter 1: Reporting Improper Government Activity

Sec. 4.100.


Sec. 4.105.

Complaints of Improper Government Activity; Investigation Procedures; Referral to Other Agencies.

Sec. 4.110.


Sec. 4.115.

Protection of Whistleblowers.

Sec. 4.120.


Sec. 4.125.

Cooperation of Other City Departments.

Sec. 4.130.

Reports to the Board of Supervisors.

Sec. 4.135.

Limitation of Liability.