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Progress Report #6 (December, 2001): Overview of CEDAW Implementation in San Francisco -- This report summarizes the citywide findings and department recommendations of the six completed City & County of San Francisco department gender analyses, including the Adult Probation Department, Department of Public Works, Juvenile Probation, Department, Arts Commission, Rent Board, Department on the Environment.

Progress Report #5 (January, 2001): Includes international recognition, a summary of revised gender analysis guidelines, and a progress report by the Department of Junvenile Probation Department and a status report on the other five departments undergoing gender analysis.

Progress Report #4 (May, 2000): Includes international recognition, a description of the revised gender analysis guidelines, and a progress report by the Department of Public Works on implementation.

Progress Report #3 (November, 1999): A Gender Analysis -- This report includes the first set of gender analysis guidelines, a gender analysis report on first two city departments to undergo gender analysis: Juvenile Probation Department, and Department of Public Works with recommendations, definitions of CEDAW language, a list of 78 participants in the process, bibliography, press release, and the history and methodology for implementing CEDAW in San Francisco.

Progress Report #2 (May, 1999): Selecting City departments for undergoing gender analysis, drafting guidelines and beginning the analysis.

Progress Report #1 (November, 1998): The beginning ot the CEDAW implementation process, setting up the task force, researching departments, and hiring consultants.