Probation Services

The Welfare and Institutions Code (W&I) delineates the responsibilities of the Juvenile Probation Department. Probation Services provides services to youth who come within Section 601 W & I, specifically those who are alleged and have been found to be beyond their parents' control, runaway, or truant and those who come within Section 602 W & I, specifically those who are alleged and/or have been found to have committed law violations. Probation Services provides pre and post adjudication services to youth arrested in the City and County of San Francisco. After arrest, each youth is assigned a probation officer who investigates the circumstances of the arrest and all relevant social and family issues.

Pre-adjudication services include Intake and Prevention/Diversion services.

Intake Units' Probation Officers
...investigate each case and determine the most appropriate course of action. The Probation Officer's options are: to counsel the youth and dismiss the charges; to divert the youth to a community based agency, assign community service hours and restitution in lieu of filing a petition; or refer the case to the District Attorney for formal prosecution.

Prevention/Diversion Unit is responsible for pre-adjudication and post-adjudication supervision of youth under fourteen years of age. The Parenting Skills Program, Juvenile Sex Offender Program, Family Mosaic Project and the Liaison with Huckleberry House for 601 W & I Youth Services also operate as a part of the Prevention/Diversion Unit.

Post-adjudicated services
...include: Supervision, Serious Offender Program, Private Placement, County Placement, Court Officer and Special Services Units.

Supervision Unit provides ongoing supervision to youth placed on probation by the Court who are still living at home or with a close relative. The Probation Officers supervise youth in the community by visiting the youth and their families in their homes, schools and/or community based organizations, refer to other agencies for a variety of supporting services and enforce court imposed conditions of probation.

Serious Offender Program Unit provides intensive supervision for repeat violent offenders who have sustained a felony petition for crimes involving a serious violent act or use of a firearm. These youth are referred to community based organizations and schools. Probation Officers maintain daily contact with these youth and regularly contact parents, teachers, employers and organizations working with the youth.

Private Placement Unit supervise youth removed from their homes by the Court and placed in non-secure facilities, such as foster homes, group homes and residential treatment programs primarily in California as well as Nevada, Colorado and Pennsylvania. The Probation Officers supervise the youth while in placement, monitor suitability of the placements and prepare aftercare plans for youth completing programs.

Court Officer Unit represent the Department at court hearings by transporting youth in custody to hearings, explaining the proceedings to youth & families and disseminating information to appropriate concerned parties. They are responsible for communication between the case carrying Probation Officers and the Court.

Special Services Unit provides a variety of services such as investigating and preparing

reports for adoptions, termination of parental rights, and marriage requests for youth under eighteen years of age. The Unit also includes the Home Detention Program, which provides an alternative to secure detention, supervises the Community Service Program, Title IV–E, tracking and processing, and supervision of the Department's Record Room.