SF Police General Orders


This manual has been issued to serve as a guide in the SFPD's day-to-day duties. It contains policies and procedures of the San Francisco Police Department and rules governing conduct.

Many of the general orders refer to other manuals and publications, (e.g., Event Management Manual, Infectious Disease Control Manual, Penal Code Sections). When used in conjunction with other publications and training material, this manual serves as a standard reference guide.

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Organizational Structure and Function Juvenile
Rules of Conduct Critical Incidents
Administration Traffic
Station Operations Uniform and Equipment
Enforcement and Legal Aspects personnel


1.01 - 1.08 Organizational Structure and Function

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DGO1.01 "Organizational Structure" (Revised 09/13/99)
DGO1.02 "District Boundaries" (Revised 07/19/15)
DGO1.03 "Duties of Patrol Officers" (Revised 04/17/96)
DGO1.04 "Duties of Sergeants" (Effective 07/20/94)
DGO1.05 "Duties of Station Personnel" (Effective 07/20/94)
DGO1.06 "Duties of Superior Officers" (Effective 08/24/94)
DGO1.07 "Duties of Command Officers/Field Operations Bureau"
(Effective 07/20/94)
DGO1.08 "Community Policing" (Effective 09/28/11, Rescinds DGO 03-11)

2.01 - 2.09 Rules of Conduct

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DGO2.01 "General Rules of Conduct" (Revised 08/11/05)
DGO2.02 "Alcohol Use by Members" (Revised 12/03/08)
DGO2.03 "Drug Use by Members" (Effective 07/20/94)
DGO2.04 "Citizen Complaints Against Officers" (Effective 07/20/94)
DGO2.05 "Citizen Complaints Against Non-Sworn Members" (Effective 07/20/94)
DGO2.06 "Vehicle Collisions Involving Members" (Revised 02/12/97)
DGO2.07 "Discipline Process for Sworn Officers" (Effective 07/20/94)
DGO2.08 "Peace Officer's Rights" (Revised 08/10/05)

PDF icon DGO2.09 "Personal Use of Social Media" (Effective 09/21/16))

3.01 - 3.19 Administration

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DGO3.01 "Written Communication System" (Revised 07/14/10)
DGO3.02 "Terms and Definitions" (Effective 07/20/94)
DGO3.03 "Facilities Management" (Effective 07/20/94)
DGO3.04 "Purchasing Policy and Procedures" 
DGO3.05 "Department Weapon Return Panel"(Effective 07/20/94)
DGO3.06 "Residence Certification"
DGO3.07 "Department Accident Board of Review"(Revised 02/12/97)
DGO3.08 "Court Appearances by Members"(Effective 07/20/94)
DGO3.09 "Department Awards" (Revised 01/06/00)
DGO3.10 "Firearm Discharge Review Board" (Revised 09/21/05)
DGO3.11 "Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving"(Effective 07/20/94)
                (Rescinded 09/28/11 with DGO 1.08)

DGO3.12 "Department Training Plan"(Effective 07/20/94)
DGO3.13 "Field Training Program"(Effective 10/21/98)
DGO3.14 "Civil Legal Process"(Effective 07/20/94)
DGO3.15 "Personal Property Claims" (Revised 06/18/97, Effective 07/15/97)
DGO3.16 "Release of Police Reports" (Effective 09/21/94)
DGO3.17 "Department Identification Cards"(Effective 07/20/94)
DGO3.18 "Performance Improvement Program"(Effective 07/20/94)
DGO3.19 "Complaint Early Warning System" (Revised 02/21/07)

4.01 - 4.02 Station Operations

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DGO4.01 "Booking and Detention of Prisoners" (Rescinded)
On 12/11/96, the Police Commission rescinded DGO4.01, Booking and Detention of Prisoners. Discard this order from your manual. The Department's Booking and Detention Manual (DM 12 ) is now the primary authority regarding the booking and detention of prisoners - Department General Order Manual Update Packet #10 (January 1997)

DGO4.02 "Accepting Bail" (Effective 07/20/94)

5.01 - 5.22 Enforcement and Legal Aspects

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PDF icon DGO5.01 "Use of Force"
DGO5.02 "Use of Firearms" (Revised 03/16/11) (Rescinded 12/21/16)
DGO5.03 "Investigative Detentions" (Revised 12/29/03)
DGO5.04 "Arrests by Private Persons" (Effective 08/01/07)
DGO5.05 "Response and Pursuit Driving" (Revised 05/22/13)
DGO5.06 "Citation Release" (Effective 07/20/94)
DGO5.07 "Rights of Onlookers" (Revised 02/22/95)
DGO5.08 "Non-Uniformed Officers" (Revised 05/15/96)
DGO5.09 "Absentia Bookings and Prisoner Security" (Revised 11/02/05)
DGO5.10 "False Alarms" (Revised 02/28/07)
DGO5.11 "Outside Agency Reports and Responses" (Effective 07/20/94)
DGO5.12 "Search Warrants Related to Drug and Alcohol Abuse Rehabilitation" (Effective 07/20/94)
DGO5.13 "Diplomatic Immunity" (Effective 07/20/94)
DGO5.14 "Interagency Operations" (Effective 05/17/95)

PDF icon DGO5.15 "Enforcement of Immigration Laws" (Rev. 07-05-17)
DGO5.16 "Obtaining Search Warrants" Revised 06/18/97, Effective 07/15/97)
DGO5.17 "Policy Prohibiting Biased Policing" (05/04/11)
DGO5.18 "Prisoner Handling And Transportation" (05/14/08)

DGO5.20 "Language Access Services for Limited English Proficient (LEP) Persons" (10/17/07)

PDF icon DGO 5.21 The Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Response to Person in Crisis Calls for Service (12/21/16)
PDF icon DGO5.22 Interacting with Transgender, Gender-Variant, and Nonbinary Individuals

6.01 - 6.20 Investigation

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DGO6.01 "Crime Scene Log" (Effective 07/27/94)
DGO6.02 "Physical Evidence and Crime Scenes" (Revised 10/01/97, Effective 10/15/97)
DGO6.03 "Underwater Recovery Unit" (Revised 03/04/99)
DGO6.04 "Assaults on Police Officers" (Effective 07/27/94)
DGO6.05 "Death Cases"(Effective 07/27/94)
DGO6.06 "Tarasoff Incidents" (Revised 07/10/96)
DGO6.07 "Dog Complaints"(Effective 07/27/94)
DGO6.08 "Aggressive Soliciting"(Effective 07/27/94)
DGO6.09 "Domestic Violence" (Effective 10/08/14)
DGO6.10 "Missing Persons" (Revised 09/13/99)
DGO6.11 "Obstruction of Streets and Sidewalks"(Effective 07/27/94)
DGO6.12 "Arrests of Persons on Parole or Probation"(Effective 07/27/94)
DGO6.13 "Prejudice-Based Incidents" (Revised 06/12/96)
DGO6.14 "Psychological Evaluation of Adults"(Effective 07/27/94)
DGO6.15 "Property Processing"(Effective 07/27/94)
DGO6.16 "Sexual Assaults" (Revised 08/06/08, Effective 08/06/08)
DGO6.17 "Taxicab Regulations" (Effective 05/16/07)
DGO6.18 "Warrant Arrests"(Effective 07/27/94)
DGO6.19 "Victim of Violent Crime Notification" (Effective 07/27/94)
DGO6.20 "Member-Involved Domestic Violence" (Effective 10/08/14)


7.01 - 7.04 Juvenile

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DGO7.01 "Juvenile Policies and Procedures" (Effective 05/14/08)
DGO7.02 "Psychological Evaluation of Juveniles" (Revised 08/04/04)
DGO7.03 "Dissemination of Information Regarding Registered Sex Offenders" (Revised 05/13/98, Effective 05/27/98)

DGO7.04 "Children of Arrested Parents" (Effective 05/07/14)


8.01 - 8.12 Critical Incidents

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DGO8.01 "Critical Incident Evaluation and Notification" (Effective 08/03/94)
DGO8.02 "Hostage and Barricaded Suspect Incidents" (Effective 08/03/94)
DGO8.03 "Crowd Control"(Effective 08/03/94)
DGO8.04 "Critical Incident Response Team"(Effective 08/03/94)
DGO8.05 "Labor Disputes" (Effective 08/24/94)
DGO8.06 "Fire Procedures"(Effective 08/03/94)

PDF icon DGO 8.07 Hazardous Material Incidents (Revised 03/01/17)
DGO8.08 "Bomb Threats, Destructive Devices, Explosions"(Effective 01/07/15)
DGO8.09 "Media Relations" (Effective 08/24/94)
DGO8.10 "Guidelines for First Amendment Activities" (Revised 10/01/08)
DGO8.11 "Investigation of Officer Involved Shootings and Discharges" (Revised 09/21/05)
DGO8.12 "In-Custody Deaths" (Effective 04/16/09)

9.01 - 9.06 Traffic

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DGO9.01 "Traffic Enforcement" (Effective 08/10/94)
DGO9.02 "Vehicle Accidents"(Effective 08/10/94)
DGO9.03 "Mandatory Blood Tests for Drivers Under the Influence" (Revised 03/18/98, Effective 04/01/98)
DGO9.04 "Seat Belt Policy"
(Effective 08/10/94)
DGO9.05 "Traffic Citation Control" (Effective 08/10/94)
DGO9.06 "Vehicle Tows" (Effective 07/10/96)

10.01 - 10.11 Uniform and Equipment

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DGO10.01 "Uniform and Equipment Classes" (Effective 8/10/94)
DGO10.02 "Equipment" (Revised 04/04/07)
DGO10.03 "Helmet Identification" (Effective 8/10/94)
DGO10.04 "Pic Radios" (Effective 11/10/03)
DGO10.05 "Weapons and Protective Equipment Inspection" (Effective 8/10/94)
DGO10.06 "Uniform and Equipment Issuance and Replacement" (Effective 8/10/94)
DGO10.07 "Use of Cellular Telephones" (Revised 7/10/96)
DGO10.08 "Use of Computers and Peripheral Equipment" (Effective 03/29/02)
DGO10.09 "Computer Management Committee" (Effective 8/10/94)
DGO10.10 "Motor Fleet" (Rev. 07/07/04)

PDF icon DGO 10.11 Body Worn Cameras.pdf

11.01 - 11.12 Personnel

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DGO11.01 "Personnel Compensation" (Effective 08/24/94)
DGO11.02 "Secondary Employment" (Effecitve 08/10/94)
DGO11.03 "Jury Duty" (Effective 08/10/94)
DGO11.04 "Peer Support Program"(Effecitve 12/09/09)
DGO11.05 "Qualifications for Specific Units" (Revised 08/10/94)
DGO11.06 "Personnel Transfers"(Revised 09/14/99)
DGO11.07 "Discrimination and Harassment"(Revised 05/06/09)
DGO11.08 "Grooming Standards"(Effective 08/10/94)
DGO11.09 "Employee Assistance Program/Stress Unit" (Rev. 06/23/04)
DGO11.10 "Physical Fitness and Wellness Evaluation Program" (Revised 10/01/97, Effective 10/15/97)
DGO11.11 "Evaluation and Rehabilitation Program" (Effective 07/12/95)
DGO11.12 "Return to Work/Reasonable Accommodation" (Revised 01/07/04, Effective 01/07/04)