(ESIP Task A.1.a) (Community Safety Element, Policy 2.6)

This page is intended to be a clearinghouse for related websites, organizations, programs, and documents, as well as a full collection of many of the City's, State's and Federal Government's earthquake preparedness and response-related websites and guides. If you see anything at all we've missed, please just let us know!

CAPSS – ESIP Documents

ATC 52-2 The Community Action Plan for Seismic Safety
ATC 52-1 Potential Earthquake Impacts
ATC 52-1A Potential Earthquake Impacts, Technical Documentation
ATC 52-3 Earthquake Safety for Soft-Story Buildings
ATC 52-3A Earthquake Safety for Soft-Story Buildings, Technical Documentation
ATC 52-4 Post Earthquake Repair and Retrofit Requirements
Executive Directive 10-02 Earthquake Safety Implementation Committee
ESIP Work Plan
ESIP Timeline
The Mandatory Soft Story Retrofit Ordinance (ESIP Task A.3.a)
Disproportionate Damage Trigger Legislation, 2013 (ESIP Task A.4.d)

Department of Building Inspection Administrative Bulletins

AB-094 SF Voluntary Retrofit Program
AB-098 Post-Earthquake Repair and Retrofit Requirements for Wood-Frame Residential Buildings with Three or More Dwelling Units (ESIP Task A.4.c)
AB-099 Post-Earthquake Repair and Retrofit Requirements for Concrete Buildings (ESIP Task A.4.c)
AB-100 Post-Earthquake Repair and Retrofit Requirements for One- and Two-Family Dwellings (ESIP Task A.4.c)
AB-106: Procedures for Implementation of SFBC Chapter 34B
AB-107: Application of Engineering Criteria in SFBC Chapter 34B

Building and Property Resources

San Francisco Department of Building Inspection
San Francisco Planning Department
San Francisco Rent Board
SF Property Information Map
San Francisco Department of Building Inspection Permit Records Search
San Francisco Rent Board Passthrough, Tenant Hardship Application
San Francisco Rent Board Passthrough Application
AB-094 SF Voluntary Retrofit Program
FEMA P-807
California Department of Consumer Affairs, Structural Engineer License Search
California Department of Consumer Affairs, Contractor License Search
SEAONC: Why I Need an Engineer
SEAONC: How to Select an Engineer
California Department of Consumer Affairs: How to Hire a Contractor
FEMA Building Codes Toolkit

Agencies and Organizations

San Francisco City Administrator’s Office
San Francisco Department of Emergency Management
San Francisco Department of Public Works
San Francisco Department of Building Inspection
San Francisco Planning Department
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
San Francisco Rent Board
San Francisco Human Services Agency
San Francisco Fire Department
San Francisco Police Department
Mayor's Office on Disability
Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (SFFD NERT)
Auxiliary Law Enforcement Response Team (SFPD ALERT)
San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association (SPUR)
The Bay Area Earthquake Alliance
Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG)
The California Earthquake Authority (CEA)
California Seismic Safety Commission (SSC)
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
The National Earthquake Hazard Reduction Program
The Applied Technology Council (ATC)
The Structural Engineers Association of Northern California (SEAONC)
The American Institute of Architects (AIA), San Francisco
The Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI)
Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center
San Francisco General Services Agency (GSA) Lifelines Council
The Neighborhood Empowerment Network (NEN)
San Francisco SAFE
San Francisco CARD
Resilient SF

Programs & Documents

The San Francisco General Plan: Community Safety Element (ESIP Task A.6.e)
SPUR Resilient Cities
SPUR Report: On Solid Group
SPUR Report: Safe Enough to Stay
SFGov TV Building San Francisco Video Series
SFGovTV Stay Safe Video Series

Preparedness -- Before the Quake

Earthquake Safety and Emergency Preparedness Bond
SF DEM Quake Quiz
California Great ShakeOut
Drop Cover Hold On
California Emergency Management Agency (CalEMA) Earthquake Preparedness Resources
CalEMA Special Needs Preparedness Resources
FEMA Earthquake Safety Checklist
FEMA Reducing Nonstructural Risk, Guide
Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) Family Emergency Planning Guide
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Guide to Preparing, Surviving, and Recovering from an Earthquake
American Red Cross Earthquake Preparedness
PG&E Natural Disaster Preparedness Guide
Bay Area Earthquake Alliance Preparedness Guide
Dare to Prepare
San Francisco Department of Human Resources, Disaster Preparedness Plan
USGS's Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country preparedness guide

1. Make a Plan
SFFD, Family Disaster Plan
USGS, Protecting Your Family from Earthquakes, Make a Plan
CalEMA, Make a Plan (PDF)
CalEMA, Practice Your Plan (PDF)
CalEMA, Preparation Guide for Your Children (PDF), Family Disaster Plan
American Red Cross, Prepare Your Home and Family guide
San Francisco SPCA, Disaster Planning for Pets

2. Get Involved, Get Involved
Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (SFFD NERT)
Auxiliary Law Enforcement Response Team (SFPD ALERT)
CERT, Community Emergency Response Teams
Federal Citzens Corps
Medical Reserve Corps
SF DEM's Auxiliary Communication Service
The Volunteer Center
California Volunteers, Disaster Corps

3. Build Supplies
The Center for Disease Control (CDC) Guide to Disaster Supplies
SFDEM, Who Are You Shopping For?, Guide to Storing Water
SFDHR, Make a Disaster Kit Guide
Operation Hope, Emergency Financial First Aid Kit (PDF), Build a Disaster Kit
CalEMA, Disaster Kit for Home and Car(PDF), Financial Preparedness, Disaster Supplies Kit
SFSPCA Disaster Kit for Pets

4. Prepare Your Home & Family
Dare to Prepare, Secure Your Stuff
Dare to Prepare, Secure Your Building
FEMA, Protect Your Property from an Earthquake (PDF)
FEMA, Home Hazard Hunt Poster (PDF)
FEMA, Earthquake Safety Guide for Homeowners
SSC, Homeowner's Guide to Earthquake Safety
ABAG, Steps for Strengthening Your Home
PG&E, Evaluate Your Home
PG&E Gas Shutoff Devices
SSC's Guide to Correctly Bracing Your Water Heater
What You Can Do: Residences

5. Prepare Your Business
SFDHR, Be Prepared at Work, Guide for Businesses
FEMA, Quakesmart Program
SSC, Commerical Property Owner's Guide to Earthquake Safety
ABAG, Busniess Guide
FEMA, Earthquake Safety at Work
Disaster, Open for Business

6. Preparing with Disabilities
Mayor's Office on Disability, Disaster Resources
Disaster Preparedness Video for People with Disabilities: Prepare to Prosper!
National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA): Peoples with Disabilities, Preparation Guide
FEMA: Make a Plan, Individuals with Access and Functional Needs, Disaster Resources

7. Alert Systems
Alert SF
Outdoor Public Warning System (OPWS) Siren Information
California Emergency Digital Information Service
FEMA Twitter
SFDEM Twitter
USGS, Earthquake Notification Service
UC Berkeley Earthquake Early Warning Systems
USGS Earthquake Early Warning Information
American Red Cross Earthquake App

8. San Francisco's Earthquake Risk
USGS Fault Maps, San Francisco
USGS Liquefaction Susceptibility, San Francisco
USGS, Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country
USGS, Bay Area Earthquake Probability
USGS, Hayward Fault Information

After The Earthquake
SSC, What To Do Immediately After
CalEMA, Individual Assistance
CalEMA, Disaster Assistance Helpline
FEMA, Ensuring Your Safety
FEMA, Coping with Disaster
National Emergency Family Registry and Locator System
CDC, Guide to Water and Food, Shut off Water Lines, Treat Water
Don't Let Your Toilet Turn on You
PG&E, How to Shut Off Your Gas
After a Disaster, Don’t Get Scammed
FEMA, Disaster Recovery Centers
SPUR, Safe Enough to Stay (PDF)

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