LAFCo is responsible for reviewing and approving proposed jurisdictional boundary changes, including annexations and detachments of territory to and/or from cities and special districts, incorporations of new cities, formations of new special districts, and consolidations, mergers and dissolutions of existing districts. In addition, LAFCo must review and approve contractual service agreements, determine spheres of influence for each city and district, and may initiate proposals involving district consolidation, dissolution, establishment of subsidiary districts, mergers, and reorganizations (combinations of these jurisdictional changes).

The full text of the LAFCO law can be found in Government Code, Section 56000 et seq.


Member Name:


Hillary Ronen

Board of Supervisors


City Officer

Sandra Lee Fewer

City Officer


Board of Supervisors


Board of Supervisors (Alternate)

Cynthia Pollock

Member of the Public

Shanti Singh

Member of the Public (Alternate)

Bryan Goebel

Executive Officer

Board Qualifications
The San Francisco Local Agency Formation Commission consists of two members representing the county, appointed by the Board of Supervisors from their own membership. The Board of Supervisors appoints two additional members, and one alternate representing the city. The four regular members of the commission thereafter appoint an additional member and their alternate to represent the general public.

Policies & Procedures