Community Choice Aggregation

Choice Aggregation (CCA) Programs allows cities and counties to pool their citizens’ purchasing power to buy or generate their own electricity thereby given people a choice in their generation. CCA’s were created by state law (AB 117) in 2002. In 2004 the San Francisco Board of Supervisors started the city down the path of studying how to implement a program here in San Francisco.

The SFLAFCo in partnership with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission have been working on creating a custom tailored CCA program here in San Francisco now called CleanPowerSF. By introducing alternative energy sources, CleanPowerSF will promote local control, establish competitive rates, and provide San Franciscans with the choice of a cleaner 100% green energy supply that does not directly generate nuclear power. With CleanPowerSF, energy customers will be able to choose what kind of energy you want for your homes and businesses.

You can read the studies and reports done on for San Francisco program in our Documents section .

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