Reinvestment Working Group


The San Francisco Reinvestment Working Group was created by ordinance #87021, and tasked with submitting to the Board of Supervisors and the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo), a business and governance plan to establish a non-depository lending corporation wholly-owned by the City. Also within one year its first meeting, the Working Group must submit to the Board and LAFCo a separate business and governance plan for the MFC to become a state-licensed public bank. Among other requirements, this plan must include the business plan elements required for a State public bank license; a study required to apply for a State public bank license; and lending priorities. The plan must recommend a governance and regulatory structure for the Public Bank; modifications to City laws and regulations; and whether the City should partner with another local agency in the establishment and operation of a public bank.


Members and Staff
Seat Member Name Seat Attributes
1 Rafael Morales Technical expert in financial institutions
2 Jennifer Finger Technical expert in financial institutions
3 Elizabeth Dwyer Technical expert in financial institutions
4 Fernando Marti (Vice Chair) Community representative
5 Christin Evans (Chair) Community representative
6 Michelle Pierce Community representative
7 Syvia Chi Community representative
8 Anna Van Degna Controller's designee
9 Amanda Fried Treasurer's designee


Khalid Samarrae
Policy Analyst


  • RWG Bylaws (Approved by RWG Members on August 18, 2022)