Smart Money Coaching


Smart Money Coaching provides free, confidential, one-on-one, personalized financial guidance. A certified financial coach can help you address financial challenges and goals, including reducing debt, establishing and improving your credit score, opening a safe and affordable bank account, and increasing your savings. Smart Money Coaching is available to anyone living, working or receiving services in San Francisco.

Call to schedule a free appointment with a certified financial coach: 877-256-0073. If you are an aging adult or an adult with a disability, please call 415-865-5652. You can also schedule your first appointment here.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of  Smart Money Coaching is to empower our clients to navigate the financial system so that they can make informed decisions and improve their financial lives. Many of the financial challenges that our clients experience are due to structural flaws embedded in the financial system, which is not designed to serve low-income consumers. Given this reality, our financial coaches help to identify the barriers that prevent clients from accessing the financial mainstream and then outline clear and actionable steps to achieve resolutions so that our clients can strengthen their own financial capability.

COVID-19 Update

Smart Money Coaching is still serving San Francisco! We have transitioned all appointments to phone and video appointments. Our dedicated coaches are here to support you through this difficult time.

How Smart Money Coaching can assist clients during COVID-19:

  • Navigate sudden changes to the household budget
  • Conduct a public benefits screening
  • Assist in drafting letters to creditors to lower payments or temporarily suspend payments due to hardship
  • Assist in drafting letters to student loan servicers regarding monthly payments
  • Develop a strategy to minimize debt
  • Provide referrals to local, state, and national emergency services