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Can’t Afford to Pay Your Fine, Fee, or Ticket in San Francisco?

A list of fine and fee discounts for low-income San Franciscans is available below. A list of community organizations that may help you complete any necessary application forms is available here.

Download our Fine and Fee Discount Guide here, available in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Filipino

Parking ticket icon
Can’t afford to pay your parking ticket?
If you are experiencing homelessness in San Francisco, you may be able to remove your parking tickets and late penalties. If you have a low income, you may be able to sign-up for a low-income payment plan or community service.
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Can’t afford to pay your traffic ticket?
You can have your fines and fees reduced by 80% or more if you receive public benefits or if your income is less than 250% of the Federal Poverty Level (about $31,900 for a single person). You may pay the rest on a payment plan or with community service.
Muni fare evasion ticket icon
Can’t afford to pay your Muni fare evasion ticket?
You have options to get a discount on or dismissal of your Muni fare
evasion ticket(s) if you have a low income or are experiencing
Muni icon
Can’t afford to ride MUNI?
You may be eligible to ride Muni for free or for a 50% discount. Enrolling in any of these discounted programs makes you eligible for a dismissal of your Muni fare evasion ticket(s).
Tow/boot icon
Was your car towed or booted and you cannot afford the tow or boot fine?
There are substantial discounts (80%) for people with low incomes and one-time tow and boot fine waivers for people experiencing homelessness.
BART icon
Can't afford to pay your BART proof of payment citation?
If you were 18 or older when you received a Proof of Payment Citation, you can have your citation dismissed by performing 5 hours of community service at an organization of your choice.
Bench icon
Did you receive a “Quality of Life” citation and you are struggling with homelessness?
By receiving 20 hours of social service assistance, you can save hundreds of dollars and dismiss eligible “quality of life” citations. These include citations like sleeping in a park and obstructing a sidewalk.
Faucet icon
Has your water been turned off or is your water and sewage bill too high?
You may be eligible for a 25% discount on your water charges and sewer charges through SFPUC’s Community Assistance Program.
Ambulance icon
Can’t afford to pay your ambulance bill?
If the San Francisco Fire Department provided you emergency medical services, you may be able to waive your bill through the Financial Hardship Program.
Child support icon
Do you owe child support?
Many parents with low incomes are required to pay back public assistance through their child support payments. If you owe child support debt, you may be eligible to reduce your public assistance payback debt by enrolling in the COAP – Compromise of Arrears Program.
Museum icon
Are you a San Francisco resident who receives Medi-Cal or CalFresh and wants to visit a museum?
The San Francisco Museums for All Program allows local residents who receive Medi-Cal or CalFresh to receive 4 free tickets to the 20+ of the City's most exciting art and nature exhibits year-round.