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2022-2023 Youth Commission Swearing-In Ceremony

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The Youth Commission is a body of 17 youth from San Francisco between the ages of 12 and 23. Created by the voters under a 1995 amendment to the City Charter, the commission is responsible for advising the Board of Supervisors and the Mayor on policies and laws related to young people. The Youth Commission is also charged with providing comment and recommendation on all proposed laws that would primarily affect youth before the Board takes final action.  You can read more about the Youth Commission here.


Youth Commissioners
Supervisor Appointed

District 1     Chloe Wong

District 2     Allister Adair

District 3     Qien Feng

District 4     Maureen Loftus

District 5     Hayden Miller

District 6     Gabrielle Listana

District 7     Ann Anish

District 8     Astrid Utting

District 9     Yoselin Colin

District 10   Vanessa Pimentel

District 11   Emily Nguyen

Youth Commissioners
Mayor Appointed

Mayoral    Sahara Frett

Mayoral    Steven Hum

Mayoral    Raven Shaw

Mayoral    Ewan Barker Plummer

Mayoral    Yena Im

Mayoral    Tyrone S. Hillman III

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