Issue Based Committees

As per the 2020-21 Youth Commission Bylaws (PDF) the Youth Commission shall have standing, issue-based committees. Each committee meets, at a minimum, once a month. Committee meetings are held remotely due to Shelter-In-Place Order.

Civic Engagement Committee | 2nd and 4th Mondays at 4:30 pm remotely

Housing and Land Use Committee | 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 4:30 pm remotely

Transformative Justice Committee | 2nd and 4th Mondays at 5:00 pm remotely


Executive Committee | Wednesdays before Full Youth Commission at 5:00 PM remotely

The Youth Commission also has a five-member Executive Committee meets on the Wednesday before a full Youth Commission meeting in the Youth Commission office--that, as per the Commission bylaws, is critical to the functioning of the entire Commission; most importantly, perhaps the Executive Committee creates full Youth Commission meeting agendas.


Members: Nora Hylton (Chair),   Amara Santos (Vice Chair), Calvin Quick (Legislative Affairs Officer), Adrianna Zhang (Community Outreach Officer), and  Arsema Asfaw (Community Outreach officer)

Staff Contact: Itzel Estrada

Civic Engagement Committee:
The Civic Engagement Committee inspires youth to participate in San Francisco’s democracy by expanding youth civic representation via Vote16.

Sarah Cheung (Chair), Sarah Ginsburg (Vice Chair)Rocky Versace, Adrianna Zhang Ariana Arana, Valentina Alioto-Pier
Staff Contact: Kiely Hosmon

Housing and Land Use Committee: 

The Housing and Land Use Committee advocates for housing and supportive services for youth, while holding the City and County accountable to its commitments to resolving youth homelessness, and for creating equitable transportation options for young people in San Francisco.

 Erika Morris (Chair), Plyfaa Suwanamalik-Murphy (Vice Chair), Calvin Quick,  Jayden Tanaka Lillian Tang 
Staff Contact: Itzel Estrada

Transformative Justice Committee: 

The Transformative Justice Committee of the San Francisco Youth Commission is a determined and imaginative group of young people that are striving to build cooperative and compassionate relationships with the community to eliminate youth incarceration. We acknowledge that the current systems in place do not serve all of us and we hope to shift the conversations and dynamics to how people can live and thrive. It is part of our radical values that we can and should center humanity in the City’s budget and policy priorities. 

 Rome Jones (Chair),  Gracie Veiga (Vice Chair), Amara Santos,  Arsema Asfaw, Nora Hylton,  Gabrielle Listana
Staff Contact: Austin Truong