Legislations Referred

This is a list of legislations that were referred to the Youth Commission from the Board of Supervisors chronologically starting from the most recent referred. 


Date Origin & File no. Item Name Sponsor/Author/Presenter YC Action & Date
11/08/22 BOS File No. 220471 Response and Resources Available to Students Experiencing and Reporting Sexual Assault and/or Sexual Harassment at SFUSD Schools Melgar Full Commission Motion to Support - PASSED (10/24/22)
11/04/22 BOS File No. 221093 Proactive Citywide Trauma Response to Gun Violence Preston; Walton, Chan, Stefani TJ Motion to support the hearing and send remarks to the BOS Government Audit and Oversight Committee via Memo. - PASSED (11/14/22)
11/04/22 BOS File No. 221083 Memorandum of Understanding - Metropolitan Transportation Commission and Bay Area Transit Operators - Next Generation Clipper® System Mayor; Ronen, Dorsey HLU Motion to support Legislative Referral No. 221083: SFMTA Next Generation Clipper, with language and recommendations attached. - PASSED (11/14/22)
11/03/22 BOS File No. 221031 Intent to Establish Pacific Islander Cultural District Walton; Chan, Safai, Ronen, Preston, Melgar, Mandelman, Mar, Dorsey Full Commission Motion to Support - PASSED (11/07/22)


BOS File No. 220954

Urging Responses from City Departments to Inform a Coordinated, Comprehensive and Sustained Plan to Address Drug-Related Harms and Incentivize Recovery - San Francisco Recovers

Matt Dorsey; Rafael Mandelman, Catherine Stefani