Youth Resources

Please check back in January 2021 for updates on the following:

  • Understanding your rights with local law enforcement on & off school campuses
  • Understanding your rights as a young worker in the retail & food service industries
  • How to pre-register to vote if you are 16 or 17 years old
  • How to sign up for a free MUNI pass if you are 18 or younger
  • Tips for young workers looking for jobs
  • Resources for finding funding for your youth-led project
  • Access to data and statistics about San Francisco youth and their opinions on local issues

Bay Area Equity Atlas is a comprehensive data support system to track the state of equity across the region and inform solutions for inclusive prosperity.

SFUSD has created this wonderful list of summer opportunities ranging from employment, mentorship, to opportunities. Check it out here!

BMAGIC has developed an inclusive directory of services provided in Bayview Hunters Point for children, youth and families. You can use this link and sort by area of service to view organizations who perform this type of work, their contact information, and a brief description of their offerings. They provide a free paperback edition of the resource guide which they disperse throughout the City, and also make available upon request. 

*** BMAGIC's 2020-2021 Resource Guide is now available! ***

If you would like printed copies or to be included in our online resource guide
please contact: Moira (415) 642-8017
You can also click here to view a PDF version.


Department of Police Accountability

The mission of the Department of Police Accountability is to promptly, fairly and impartially investigate complaints against San Francisco police officers, make policy recommendations regarding police practices and conduct periodic audits of the San Francisco Police Department. Civilians who have never been police officers in San Francisco staff the Department of Police Accountability. Our brochure is available in EnglishSpanishChineseRussianTagalogVietnamese, and Arabic.

You may file a complaint using our Online Complaint Portal. Alternately, you may visit our office, call, or send a complaint by mail.

Know Your Rights for Youth in San Francisco – English (PDF)

Know Your Rights for Youth in San Francisco – Spanish (PDF)

Know Your Rights for Youth in San Francisco – Filipino (PDF)

Know Your Rights for Youth in San Francisco – Chinese (PDF)

Know Your Rights for Youth in San Francisco – Vietnamese (PDF)

Know Your Rights for Youth in San Francisco – Russian (PDF)