2010-2011 Legislation Tracking referred from the BOS

2010-2011 Legislation Tracking

referred to the Youth Commission from the Board of Supervisors


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File No. 101096

Ordinance amending Article 8 of the San Francisco Health Code by adding Sections 471.1 through 471.8, to set nutritional standards for restaurant food sold accompanied by toys or other youth focused incentive items. 

Supervisor Mar; Campos, Chiu

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File No. 101094

Ordinance amending the San Francisco Administrative Code by adding Chapter 29B to require a City agency, or a private developer that receives City funds for a development project, as defined, to prepare a feasibility study for providing an on-site child care center whenever it plans to construct or purchase a building, lease more than 50 percent of space in a private building for an initial term of more than one year, or alter more than 50 percent of the space in an existing building; adopting findings, including environmental findings.

Supervisor Dufty;

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File No. 101093

Ordinance amending the San Francisco Planning Code by amending Section 249.40A concerning the South of Market (SoMa) Youth and Family Special Use District, bounded generally by Natoma Street on the north, Harrison Street on the south, 4th Street on the east, and 7th Street on the west, to require that all projects containing 5 or more dwelling units be subject to the Tier C affordable housing requirements established in the Eastern Neighborhoods Plan; and adopting environmental findings and findings of consistency with the General Plan and the Priority Policies of Planning Code Section 101.1(b).

 Supervisor Daly

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File No. 101311

Ordinance amending the San Francisco Administrative Code Chapter 6, Public Works Contracting Policies and Procedures, Subsection 6.22(G) to: (1) establish a local hiring policy for City public work or improvement projects requiring contractors and their subcontractors to perform certain percentages of project work hours using San Francisco residents and disadvantaged San Francisco residents; (2) making findings in support of the policy; (3) providing incentives for contractors and subcontractors who exceed local hiring requirements; (4) mandating assessment of liquidated damages against contractors and subcontractors who fail to meet minimum local hiring requirements; and (5) establishing monitoring, enforcement, and administrative procedures in support of the policy.

Supervisor Avalos

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