Austin Truong | Community Partnerships Specialist | They

image of Austin, a young Chinese-Vietnamese nonbinary person smiling looking to the side.

Austin Truong | They

Transformative Justice Committee

Austin is a first-generation queer and non-binary Chinese-Vietnamese individual born and raised in San Francisco. They are committed to creating and sustaining community-based networks of intergenerational care. They hold a triple B.A. degree in Criminology, Law, and Society, Psychology and Social Behavior, and Education Sciences from the University of California, Irvine. As a student, they were actively involved in student organizing, curriculum development and facilitating spaces that support QTPOC students' learning and understanding of their identities, privilege, and oppression, and supporting them as they navigate complex institutions of higher education to become socially conscious change agents.

Austin is passionate about amplifying young people's voices and building our collective power to disrupt cycles of harm and trying our collective best to turn them into cycles of liberation and transformation. Their work is fueled by a passion to create a world that is environmentally regenerative, spiritually fulfilling, and socially & economically just. Since moving back to the Bay Area, their own healing journey has brought them to movement building with abolitionist and reproductive justice collectives focused on healing justice for BIPOC and their loved ones, especially those who are trans, queer, and gender-nonconforming. 

Outside of what they do, they find space to be who they are in their writings. 

Feel free to stop by room 345 and say hello. You can reach them at or call them at 415.554.6254.