Full Commission - July 18, 2016 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
July 18, 2016 (All day)

San Francisco Youth Commission 
Monday, July 18, 2016
5:15 pm-8:00 pm
City Hall, Room 416
1. Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Pl.
San Francisco, CA 94102

There will be public comment on each item.
Luis Avalos-Nunez (Chair), Jillian Wu (Vice-Chair), Lily Marshall-Fricker, Erica Kong, Stephanie Li, Cris Plunkett, Anna He, Jessica Calderon, Noah David, Giovanna Soto, William Juarez, Cecilia Nicole Galeano, Madeleine Matz, Anna Bernick, Jarrett Mao, Grace Pating, Hatim Mansori

1. Call to Order and Roll Call for Attendance

Chair Avalos-Nunez called the meeting to order at 5:22pm. Commissioners present: Avalos-Nunez, Wu, Marshall-Fricker, Kong, Li, Plunkett, He, Calderon, David, Galeano, Bernick, Mao.

Commissioners absent: Soto, Juarez, Matz, Pating, Mansori

Staff present: Leah LaCroix, Kiely Hosmon

There was quorum.

2. Approval of Agenda (Action Item)

Commissioner Plunkett, seconded by Commissioner Wu, moved to approve the agenda. There was no public comment. The motion was approved by acclamation.


3. Approval of Minutes (Action Item)

A. July 5, 2016
(Document A)

Commissioner Bernick, seconded by Commissioner Plunkett, moved to approve the minutes. There was no public comment. The motion was approved by acclamation.




4. Public Comment on Items not on Agenda (Discussion Only)

There was none.




5. Youth Commission Business (All Items to Follow Discussion and Possible Action)


A. Youth Commission Evaluations for 2015-2016 Term

Commissioners filled out their evaluations.
Public comment: Peter Warfield, Library Users Association. Kudos on doing evaluations. Informed YC there are exclusions from services from the library if there are fines and fees. Encouraged YC to come to public meetings like the library meetings.

Commissioner Juarez arrived at 5:33pm

B. Annual report presented by YC staff and read annual committee reports into the record.
Staff requests motion of adopting it pending further staff edits.

Commissioner Pating arrived at 6pm.

Public Comment: Peter Warfield, Library Users Association. Asked if YC would want to commend library users association. Chair encouraged public to connect with HECs committee. YC staff will follow up with public.

Commissioner Marshall Fricker, seconded by Commissioner Plunkett, to approve the annual report. Motion passes by acclamation.



6. Committee Reports (Discussion Only)

A. Executive Committee

Meeting last week. Met with Supervisor Mar and Wiener’s office regarding “orphaned” legislation. Planned end of year celebration.

B. Housing, Environment, and City Services Committee

Coordinating a meeting with Director of Homelessness.

C. Economic Justice and Immigration Committee

Worked on annual report. Drafting up a resolution for Free City College. Thanks to colleagues who shared at non-citizen parent voting press conference and Rules Committee meeting.

D. Youth Justice Committee

Working group on annual report.

E. Civic Engagement Committee


F. Our Children Our Family Council




7. Staff Report (Discussion Only)

• Commissioners: Mao, Avalos Nunez, Pating, Plunkett, Pating will make it to the orientation retreat planning session.
• Tomorrow (Tuesday) YC will be presenting to Bayview Convener’s meeting on TAY issues from 1-3pm at 1800 Oakdale, City college campus. Commissioner Galeano will attend and Commissioner Avalos-Nunez will be a little late.
• August Sunday the 21st Streets. Comissioners He and Juarez want to participate.
• Staff read Director’s Remarks to YC on a job well done this year.





8. Announcements (This Includes Community Events)

Comments from the Chair- honor and privilege to serve as your chair. Kudos to those that are coming back next year. For those not returning, keep it up, awesome to see the growth of everyone in their work. Keep up the good work and don’t be a stranger to the youth commission.




9. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 6:33pm