McCarthy Fellow - Lesly

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Lesly Mazariegos | She 

Lesly Mazariegos is a first-generation Latinx student raised in Marin County. She is studying at the University of San Francisco to receive her B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Child and Youth Studies. As a student, she currently supports youth educational development at a school institutional level. She has been fortunate to work with and learn from youth of diverse ages and ethnicities through her involvement with after school programs. She has also been fortunate to work as a social advocacy and research intern for a non-profit organization that connects and works with rural communities in Nicaragua and Guatemala to help empower communities and eliminate poverty. As a daughter of first-generation Guatemalan immigrants and a psychology major, this sparked
her passion to continue working with immigrant youth and families in the United States in order to provide a sense of support, accommodation, safety, and overall well-being while living in the U.S. During her internship with the San Francisco Youth Commission, Lesly hopes to learn alongside the commissioners, work on projects that relate to housing and immigration rights while also helping amplify youth voices.