Immigration and Employment - December 3, 2013 - Minutes

Meeting Date: 
December 3, 2013 (All day)

San Francisco Youth Commission
Youth Employment & Immigration Committee
*Special Meeting*
Draft - Minutes
Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013
5:00-7:00 PM
City Hall, Room 345
1. Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Pl.
San Francisco, CA 94102

There will be public comment on each item.

Members: Michel Li - Chair, Nicholas Persky, Jina Bae, and Michelle Kong

1. Call to Order and Roll Call

The meeting was called to order at 5:04 p.m. Commissioners present: Li, Persky, Bae, and Kong. Staff present: Phimy Truong.

There was quorum.

2. Approval of Agenda (Action Item)

There was no public comment. Commissioner Persky, seconded by Commissioner Bae, moved to approve the agenda. The motion was approved by acclamation.

3. Approval of Minutes (Action Item)

A. Thursday, November 21th, 2013
(Document A)

There was no public comment. Commissioner Persky, seconded by Commissioner Kong, moved to approve the minutes to November 21st, 2013. The motion was approved by acclamation.

4. Public Comment on Items not on Agenda (Discussion Only)

There were none.

5. Business (All Items to Follow Discussion and Possible Action)

A. Debrief DCYF presentation and review committee goals

Commissioner Li reviewed notes from the last committee meeting with her peers and asked for some time to discuss possible next steps.

Commissioner Kong asked clarifying questions as she was not at the last meeting. Commissioner Persky clarified the role of DCYF in the summer jobs plus initiative. Commissioners then reviewed their current committee goals and discussed the youth employment needs of San Francisco, based on the presentation received.

Commissioners discussed actionable items from the presentation from DCYF:
1) working with the City to accept responsibility for including undocumented youth in youth employment programs and relieve responsibility for CBOs.
- Commissioners reviewed the next steps planned for exploring the issue of liability for employing undocumented youth. Commissioners will work on setting up meetings and speaking with organizations that worked with undocumented youth during Summer Jobs+ initiative, and will brainstorm city departments they can meet with to ask about including undocumented youth in employment programs. Questions to research include: how many city departments are receiving state or federal funding versus general funding. Is there a way to use unrestricted funds from the City’s general fund? Committee discussed whether DCYF can impose contract guidelines regarding inclusion of undocumented youth.

What are other examples of population specific stipulations in contracts for youth employment programs? What are concerns with including language regarding undocumented youth in a contract? Committee members will be researching other city programs that work with undocumented youth. Commissioner Persky brought up the Undocuworkforce documentary and work in Los Angeles.

Committee reviewed other committee goals. For next steps looking at the issue of CBA’s, staff agreed to pull up a past draft resolution regarding community benefit agreements from the 2011-2012 term. This is both a concern neighborhood concern for supervisors who negotiate the agreements and an employment concern that addresses the Mayor’s priority on youth employment. The committee discussed following up with Commissioner Sicairos to learn more and asked staff to look into areas where Community Benefit Agreements are in place.

- Committee members would like to spend time reviewing current community benefit agreements in San Francisco. Members would also like to learn more about the Central Market Citizen Advisory Committee, and attend future meetings to understand the body’s work. Members would also like to understand the framework of a community benefit agreement. Members decided to start understanding a community benefits agreement by drafting a sample youth community benefits agreement from the perspective of a youth. Commissioners really liked the idea of having an interactive activity to better understand a dense contract like the CBA, and decided to spend the rest of committee time researching CBAs so that they can better understand it.

There was no public comment.

B. Research and develop policy priorities

Commissioners then spent some time reviewing CBA’s. Ms. Truong printed out CBAs directly from the Citizens Advisory Committee for the Central Market and Tenderloin Area’s website, and directed commissioners to supplemental documents on the General Services Agency’s website to learn more about the framework of community benefits agreements. Commissioners spent the rest of the committee time reviewing, reading, and writing out their questions.

Commissioners then worked on an interactive activity where they each wrote out their key features of a youth community benefits agreement. Commissioners shared their points with each other and then asked staff to draft them in a note. Ms. Truong asked commissioners to consider developing their activity into a formal workshop to share with other youth employment program participants when members start visiting other programs. Commissioners agreed to continue their research on CBAs at a future meeting.

There was no public comment.

6. Staff Report

A. Programmatic updates, reviewing upcoming events and capacity building workshops offered to commissioners

Ms. Truong reviewed upcoming office meeting dates and events with commissioners. Commissioners Persky and Kong will be attending the upcoming youth town hall regarding the Children’s Fund and Public Enrichment and Education Fund meeting on Thursday, December 5th. Committee members agreed to schedule a special meeting on Thursday, December 12th to receive a presentation from Chinese Progressive Action’s Youth MOJO participants. Committee members agreed to cancel their meeting on Thursday, December 20th, 2013, as they have already been meeting for three weeks in a row.

There was no public comment.

7. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 7:04 p.m.