Tracking 2018-2019 Youth Commission Business

Tracking 2018-2019 Youth Commission Business

The Youth Commission typically takes action as a full body in 3 different ways: through responding to pending legislation proposed by the Board of Supervisors, by adopting resolutions advising the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors on issues related to San Francisco's children and youth, and by passing motions subsequent to presentations the Commission hears from community organizations and/or other City agencies. 

This regularly updated document tracks all 3 of these actions for the 2018-2019 fiscal year. 

Date Item Type Origin & File no. Item Name Sponsor/Author/Presenter YC Action & Date
9/5/18 Legislation Referred BOS File No. 180807 Ordinance amending the Administrative Code to establish the Early Care and Education for All Initiative, to be funded by appropriations from the Babies and Families First Fund, including procedures concerning a spending plan and reporting requirements

Sponsor: Supervisors Yee, Kim, Ronen, and Cohen

Presenter: Erica Maybaum, Legislative Aide to District 7, Supervisor Norman Yee

Support 1819-RBM-01 (PDF). 

9/5/18 YC Business   Adoption of 2018-2019 Youth Commission Bylaws Youth Commission Staff Approved upon first reading 9/5/18 (PDF)
9/5/18 YC Business   Election of 2018-19 Youth Commission Executive Officers   Commissioner Vigil elected Chair; Commissioner Andam elected Vice Chair; Commissioner Quick elected Legislative Affairs Officer; Commissioner Hoogerhyde and Commissioner Obermeyer elected Communication & Outreach Officers
9/17/18 Presentation   Presentation on Co-Sponsoring Youth-Led Board of Education Candidate Forum Presenter: Anabel Kingwood, Policy Director, Coleman Advocates for Youth   Motion to Co-Sponsor  
9/17/18 Presentation    Presentation on Resolution Regarding Safety Improvements to Valencia Street Sponsor: Catherine Orland, District 9 Representative on the San Francisco Bicycle Advisory Committee Motion to Support
9/17/18 YC Business    Proposed 2018-2019 Youth Commission Bylaw Amendment Regarding Adding a Second Legislative Affairs Office Sponsor: Bahlam Vigil, Youth Commission Chair   Amendment divided where motion to add in a second LAO officer was opposed, but the LAO roles and responsibilites were approved on 9/17/18 (PDF)
9/17/18 YC Business 1819-AL-02  [Motion supporting the students being falsely detained as suspects without due process and urging the Board of Supervisors to conduct a hearing of the San Francisco Police Department’s actions in the August 30, 2018 Balboa High School gun incident] Sponsor: Bahlam Vigil, Youth Commission Chair

Passed 9/17/18

1819-AL-02 (PDF)

10/1/18 Presentation   Presentation on Our Children, Our Families Council Presenter: Alecia Barillas, Council Coordinator, Our Children, Our Families Council No action taken
10/1/18 YC Business 1819-AL-01 Resolution Condemning Use of Federal Funds to Arm Teachers & Urging the Board of Supervisors to Take Action] Sponsor: Quick; Vigil, Chin, Andam, Min, Hoogerhyde, Nassiri, and Sadarangani

Adopted upon second reading 10/1/18

1819-AL-01 (PDF)

10/1/18 YC Business   Election of 2018-19 Our Children, Our Families Council Youth Commission Representative   Commissioner Cureton elected OCOF Youth Representative 10/1/18
10/15/18 Legislation Referred BOS File No. 180901 Hearing on the Police Department's and San Francisco Unified School District's current protocols and policies where students are questioned and arrested at their school site, as well as when they are in police custody, particularly relating to parental noticing, student privacy, and school safety; and requesting the Police Department and San Francisco Unified School District to report

Sponsors: Supervisors Ronen, Safai, Cohen

Presenter: Carolyn Goossen, District 9 Chief of Staff

Support 1819-RBM-02 (PDF)
10/15/18 Legislation Referred BOS File No. 180923 Hearing to discuss updates from the Work Group to Re-Envision the Jail Project Report Outcomes; and requesting the Sherriff’s Department, the Department of Public Health, and the San Francisco Taxpayers for Public Safety to report Sponsor: Supervisor Mandelman
Presenter: Erin Mundy, Legislative Aide to D8 Supervisor Rafael Mandelman
Support 1819-RBM-03 (PDF)
10/15/18 Legislation Referred BOS File No. 180922 Hearing on the juvenile justice system and strategies, including Juvenile Hall and the closure of Log Cabin Ranch, as well as community-based alternatives to detention; and requesting the Juvenile Probation Department to report Sponsor: Supervisor Fewer
Presenter: Chief Allen A. Nance, Chief Probation Officer, SF Juvenile Probation Department

Support 1819-RBM-04 (PDF)
10/15/18 Legislation Referred BOS File No. 180913 Administrative Code - Reentry Council - Reporting Duties and Sunset Date Sponsor: Supervisor Fewer
Presenter: Geoffrea Morris, Reentry Policy Planner, Reentry Division; San Francisco Adult Probation Department

Support 1819-RBM-05 (PDF)

11/05/18 Presentation   Presentation on the Bill of Rights for Children of Detained Parents Presenter: Tanea Lunsford, Program Coordinator for the San Francisco Children of Incarcerated Parents Partnership Motion to Support 
11/5/18 YC Business   Youth Commission Committee Budget Priority Report Backs Presenter: Calvin Quick No action taken
11/5/18 YC Business  1819-AL-05 Motion No. 1819-AL-05 [Motion adopting the Youth Commission’s recommendations for Seat 1 on the Department of Children Youth and their Families (DCYF), Oversight and Advisory Committee (OAC)] Presenter: Executive Committee 

Passed 11/5/18

1819-AL-05 (PDF)

11/5/18 YC Business 1819-AL-06 Motion No. 1819-AL-06 [Motion adopting the Youth Commission’s recommendations for Seat 6 on the Sugary Drinks Distributors Tax Advisory Committee] Presenter: Executive Committee

Passed 11/5/18

1819-AL-06 (PDF

11/19/18 Legislation Referred BOS File No. 181002  Police Code - Prohibiting Criminal History Inquiries in Private College Admissions Presenter: Aliya Chisti, D10 Legislative Aide  Support 1819-RBM-06 (PDF
11/19/18 Legislation Referred BOS File No. 181001 Charter Amendment - Free City College Fund Presenter(s): Supervisor Kim, D8 Supervisor, and Kitty Fong, D6 Legislatve Aide Support 1819-RBM-07 (PDF
11/19/18 YC Business 1819-AL-07 Motion No. 1819-AL-07 [Letter of Support to Governor Brown for Signing AB748 and SB1421] Presenter: Natalie Ibarra, D9 Commissioner, Transformative Justice Committee

Support 1819-AL-07 (PDF)

12/3/18  Legislation Referred  BOS File No. 181082 
Ordinance amending the Business and Tax Regulations Code to provide a credit against the Early Care and Education Commercial Rents Tax for the operation of certain child care facilities, and to exclude from the Early Care and Education Commercial Rents Tax base amounts subject to the hotel tax or parking tax. 
Presenter: Edward Wright, D6 Legislative Aide Support 1819-RBM-08 (PDF)
12/17/18 Presentation   Resolution Writing: Root to Fruit Presenter: Naomi Fierro, Youth Development Specialist  No action taken 
12/17/18 YC Business 1819-AL-10 . [First Reading] Resolution No. 1819-AL – 10 [Supplemental Appropriation – Transitional Age Youth Homelessness Housing and Services – Homelessness Gross Receipts Tax Ordinance] Presenter: Maggie Dong, District 3 Representative Support 1819-AL-10 (PDF)
12/17/18 YC Business  1819-AL-09 Motion No. 1819-AL-09 [New Youth Commission Logo Proposal]  Presenter: Grace Hoogerhyde, Mayoral Appointee, Community Outreach Officer

Support 1819-AL-09 (PDF)

1/7/19 Legislation Referred

BOS File No. 181217

Administrative Code - Police Officers Questioning Youth Presenter: Youth Commission Staff Support 1819-RBM-09 (PDF)
1/7/19 Presentation   Youth Advocacy Day Prishni Murillo, Senior Program & Planning Specialist, Department of Children, Youth & Their Families Support 
1/7/19 YC Business 1819-AL-03 [Second Reading] Resolution 1819 – AL – 03 [Omnibus Youth Commission Preliminary
Budget Priorities - Priority Programs]
Commissioner Quick, District 5, Legislative Affairs Officer Support 1819-AL-03 (PDF)
2/4/19 Presentation   TeenTechSF STEM Diversity Conference Presenters: Michelle Cheung: TeenTechSF Co-President and STEM Workshop Chair, Sarah Cheung: TeenTechSF STEM Inclusivity Event Chair and Communication Co-Chair Support 
2/4/19 Presentation   Introduction to Decision-Making Presenter: Caroline Truong, Community Partnerships Specialist  
2/4/19 YC Business  

Proposed Amendment to the Youth Commission 2018-2019 Bylaws Regarding Committee Attendance

Sponsor: Commissioner Nassiri, Civic Engagement Committee Chair, Mayoral Appointee

Support (PDF)
2/19/19 Presentation  


Confidence in Public Speaking & Public Comment


Presenter: Kiely Hosmon, Youth Commission Director  
2/19/19 YC Business  

Certifying the Resignation by Commissioner Andam, Vice Chair to the Full Youth Commission

Presenter: Youth Commission Staff  
2/19/19 YC Business  

Election of the 2018-2019 Executive Officer Position Vice-Chair

  Commissioner Cureton elected Vice Chair
3/4/19 Legislation Referred BOS File No. 190164 

 Police Code - Acceptance of Cash by Brick-and-Mortar Businesses

Presenter: Derek Remski, District 5 Legislative Aide  Support 1819-RBM-10 (PDF)
3/4/19 Presentation   MyPath Youth Financial Access Campaign  Presenters: Carlos Ramirez and Katie Huang, MyPath Youth Leaders Support
3/4/19 Presentation   Youth Advocacy Day Feedback and Follow up 

Presenter: Prishni Murillo, Senior Program & Planning Specialist, Department of Children, Youth & Their Families

3/4/19 Presentation  

Proposed Youth Seat on the San Francisco Police Commission

Presenter: Petra de Jesus, San Francisco Police Commissioner

3/18/19 Presentation   Youth MOJO: Our Healing, Our Hands Presenter: Kevin Chin, Youth Core Leader at the Chinese Progressive Association Support
3/18/19  Presentation    College For All Campaign Presenter: Celi Tamayo-Lee, San Francisco Rising  Support
4/1/19 Presentation    Black Employee Alliance  Presenter: Dante King, Human Resources Department  Support 
4/1/19  Presentation   Budget Process Presentation Presenter: Caroline Truong, Youth Commission Staff No action taken
4/1/19 YC Business  1819 - AL - 11 Motion adopting the Youth Commission’s recommendation for Seat 6 on the Sugary Drinks Distributors Tax Advisory Committee Presenter: Commissioner Cureton, Executive Committee, District 4 representative Support 1819 - AL - 11 (PDF)
4/15/19 Legislation Referred  BOS File No. 190311 Health Code - Restricting Commercial Tobacco Activities on City Property

Sponsor: Supervisor Walton, District 10

Presenter: Natalie Gee, District 10 Legislative Aide

Support 1819-RBM-11 (PDF)

4/15/19  Legislation Referred  BOS File No. 190312 Health Code - Restricting the Sale, Manufacture, and Distribution of Tobacco Products, Including Electronic Cigarettes

Sponsor: Supervisor Walton, District 10

Presenter: Natalie Gee, District 10 Legislative Aide

Support 1819-RBM-12 (PDF)
4/15/19 Legislation Referred BOS File No. 190373 Hearing to examine food insecurity, particularly among low-income pregnant women and families, as nutritious food is a fundamental human right essential for all people to live healthy, successful lives, but food insecurity, limited or uncertain access to adequate food still occurs in San Francisco; and requesting the Department of Public Health to report. Sponsor: Supervisor Stefani

No action taken 

4/15/19  YC Business    Presentation Reviewing the Youth Commission FY19-20 Application Process Presenter: Caroline Truong, Youth Commission Staff  Support 
4/15/19  YC Business    Presentation Regarding the Youth Commission Open House Presenter: JoJo Ty, District 8 Representative  Support 
5/6/19 Legislation Referred  BOS File No. 190392

Administrative Code - Juvenile Hall Closure

Sponsor: Supervisor Walton, District 10

Presenter: Tracy Brown, District 10

Support 1819-RBM-13 (PDF)
5/6/19 Presentation  

 Mental Health Association of San Francisco Peer Programs Presentation


Presenter: Meaghan O’Brien, Peer Programs Manager

5/6/19 YC Business   Youth Commissioner Budget and Policy Priorities for FY2019-2020 - FY2020-2021 Presenters: All Committee Chairs  Passed on second reading
5/6/19 YC Business Resolution No 1819 - AL - 12 Urging the Mayor and Board of Supervisors to adopt a city-wide tobacco minimum price law and prohibit the redemption of coupons for tobacco products. Presenter: Civic Engagement Committee Support 1819-AL-12 (PDF)
5/6/19  YC Business  Resolution No. 1819 – AL – 13 Supporting AB 307 Homeless youth: grant program Presenter: Calvin Quick, Legislative Affairs Officer  Support 1819-AL-13 (PDF)
5/6/19 YC Business Resolution No. 1819 – AL – 14 Support for the Vote 16 Campaign in San Francisco Presenter: Civic Engagement Committee  Support 1819-AL-14 (PDF)
5/6/19  YC Business Motion No. 1819-AL - 16 Letter of Support for the HESPA youth-related budget asks Presenter: Housing and Land Use Committee  Support 1819-AL-16 (PDF)
5/6/19 YC Business Motion No. 1819- AL – 17 Letter supporting Assembly Constitutional Amendment 8, Allowing 17 year Olds to Vote in State Elections Presenter: Civic Engagement Committee  Support 1819-AL-17 (PDF)
5/20/19 Legislation Referred  BOS File No. 190389  [Administrative Code - Castro Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) Cultural District]

Sponsor: Supervisor Mandelman 

Presenter: Tom Temprano, District 8 Legislative Aide 

Support 1819-RBM-14 (PDF)
5/20/19  Presentation    San Francisco Public Library Youth Programs Update  Presenter: Ileana Pulu, Youth Programs Coordinator  Support 
5/20/19 Presentation   

City College of San Francisco Faculty Union on New State Funding Formula

Presenter: James Tracy, AFT 2121 member Support with additional requests
5/20/19  Presentation  Resolution File No. 1819- AL – 18 

[Urging the City and County of San Francisco to adopt and utilize person-first language with respect to people with a criminal record]


Presenter: Geoffrea Morris, Reentry Council Coordinator  Support 
5/20/19 Presentation    Department of Children Youth and Their Families Community Needs Assessment Presenter: Celeste Middleton, Analyst   
5/20/19 YC Business Motion File No. 1819 – AL – 20 [Certifying the resignation of Commissioner Drew K. Min] Presenter: Executive Committee  
6/3/19 Legislation Referred BOS File No. 190569  [Charter Amendment - Homelessness Oversight Commission]

Sponsor: Supervisor Haney, Walton, Peskin, and Ronen

Presenter: Supevisor Haney, District 6 

Support 1819-RBM-15 (PDF)
6/3/19 YC Business Resolution 1819 - AL - 19

[LGBTQ Resources - Teacher Training -  Assembly Bill 493]

Sponsor: Commissioner Quick and Ty 

Presenter: Commissioner Quick

Support 1819-AL-19 (PDF)
6/17/19 Presentation   Resolution Supporting the Community Higher Education Fund
Presenter: Adele Failes Carpenter, CCSF Faculty No action taken
6/17/19 YC Business   2018-2019 Co-Chairs Bylaws Amendment
Presenter: Chair Vigil, District 11 Item tabled