Youth Commission 2003-2004 Budget Reccomendations

San Francisco Youth Commission's

2003/2004 Budget Recommendations


The San Francisco Youth Commission opposes the proposed cuts to the following programs:

Human Services

$2 million cut for the Department of Human Services Supportive Transitional Emancipation Program (Housing and Homelessness Committee)

Public Health

$1 million cut in the Public Health Department's outreach budget (Public Health Committee)

$1 million cut to the Haight Ashbury Free Clinic (Public Health Committee)

$400,000 in cuts to the Family Service Agency Mental Health Day Treatment Services (Public Health Committee)

$500,000 in cuts to programs that serve residents of the Bayview/Hunter's Point community, such as the Bayview Adult Day Health Center and the Bayview Hunter's Point Thunderseed Program (Public Health Committee)

Recreation & Services

$150,000 cut in the Recreation and Parks Department's budget to maintain the existing operating hours of San Francisco's recreation centers (Youth Recreation & Services Committee)

$500,000 cuts in the Recreation and Parks Department's funding for recreation center programming (Youth Recreation & Services Committee)

Youth Justice

$240,000 cuts to the Juvenile Probation Department's contracts with community organizations providing services to youth (Youth Justice Committee)

Total cuts in the essential youth services: $5.8 million

San Francisco Unified School District projected budget shortfall: $22 million



The San Francisco Youth Commission proposes the following alternatives to fund these programs and increase the General Fund's contribution to SFUSD, including the $6 million for the Public Education Fund.

  1. Approximately $800,000- Eliminate the San Francisco Police Department's Car 29 Program. These funds should be redirected to the Department of Children, Youth and their Families and used to hire much needed counselors in SFUSD schools (Youth Justice and Education Committees)
  2. $2.5 million- Close the Juvenile Probation Department's Log Cabin Ranch. (Youth Justice Committee)
  3. $31 million- Make recommended cuts from San Francisco's Budget Analyst to improve efficiencies in the San Francisco Fire Department. These include controlling excess overtime and bonuses ($17 million), eliminating the position of Chief's Aides ($5 million), civilianize positions that are not directly related to fighting fires ($5 million) (Youth Recreation & Services, Housing & Homelessness and Public Health Committees)

Total funds made available by streamlining these programs - $34.3 million

On May 5, 2003, the San Francisco Youth Commission unanimously passed Resolution No. 0203-013, Resolution supporting the five budget demands presented at the 1,000 Kids March and asking for continued and increased support from the Board of Supervisors

These demands include:

  1. Supporting a school bond measure for $250 million in November
  2. Opposing local cuts in critical children's services
  3. Supporting a $10 million city allocation to under-funded schools
  4. Identifying extra monies in public safety efficiencies to protect vital children's services
  5. Restructuring large business tax that would increase revenue

The San Francisco Youth Commission asks you to adopt our recommendations and support children and youth in the 2003/2004 Budget for the City and County of San Francisco.

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