Youth Development Specialist | Itzel Estrada | She

image of Itzel smiling in front of the camera

Itzel Estrada | She

Housing and Land Use Committee


Itzel is a first-generation Mexican educator, organizer, and shaker of change. She joins Youth Commission staff with over 4 years of youth advocacy and community organizing experience under her belt. Her love and dedication for young people and social justice catalyzed at her time with the Youth Leadership Institute (YLI), where she worked on youth-led action research campaigns to drive policy change on racial, social, and environmental issues. Itzel is a graduate from San Francisco State University with a degree in Sociology & a minor in Latinx Studies. She is a self-identified queer Latinx visionary who fights to amplify the voices of the communities that have historically been silenced. Although Itzel no longer lives in San Francisco, she is incredibly grateful to have lived in District 4, the Sunset, where she was able to organize against Big Tobacco’s predatory marketing strategies that target youth and low-income neighborhoods. When Itzel isn’t supporting the youth of tomorrow, she is writing and recording for a special project that highlights wellness for QTPOC, oral histories of community leaders, and local news.

You can reach her at or 415.554.7112.