Youth Commission Application and Interview Tips

Applications are now Open!

Link to Application 

Tips on how to prepare for the application:

Before writing:

  • Read each prompt carefully
  • Reflect on each prompt- think of examples and anecdotes that showcase your skills, interests, motivations, etc. 
  • Bullet point what you want to be sure to include

When writing:

  • Draft your responses to each prompt
  • Show your passion for community and advocacy
  • Speak from your personal and professional experiences  
  • Be specific with anecdotes, goals, motivations, etc. 
  • Double-check you fully answered all questions to the prompt
  • Remember there is a word limit

When editing:

  • Make sure that you hit the word limit of 200 - 400 words each
  • Proofread your responses
  • Have someone else read through your responses for feedback or read your answers out loud to a thought partner
  • Make your final edits! 
  • Click submit! And make sure it’s in
  • Celebrate

Letter of recommendation: 

  • Give your recommender ample time to write your letter of recommendation
  • Communicate the due date to them
  • Remember to send resume and cover letter to recommender in pdf form
  • Send recommender the SF Youth Commission website link so they can get familiar with the commission
  •  They can also review the YC application and summary
  • Make sure the letter of recommendation is submitted on time (youth can send it to staff email or the recommender can send it directly to staff)
  • Letter of recommendation is optional but helps Youth Commission staff know a little bit more about you



This is the time where you can get to know the organization and they can also get to know you. You have the chance to communicate your experiences, your hopes, and why you want to apply for the position. This is also the perfect time for you to ask questions about the organization - the work culture, challenges and opportunities, the day-to-day, and so much more!  

How to prepare for an interview:

Before the Interview 

  • Be prepared as possible! 
  • Reflect on why you want to apply
  • Look into their website, projects, connections, and mission statement
  • Prepare a response for “tell me about yourself” 
  • Prepare responses, anecdotes, or examples for the question they may ask you that best present your skills, talents, accomplishments, and/or interests
  • Prepare/write five success stories for behavioral interview questions (ex: “tell me about a time when...”)

During the Interview

  • Be 10-15 minutes early (when the interview is in person)
  • Take a copy of your resumé (when the interview is in person)
  • If it is remote, remember to be familiar with the platform you will be using → double-check sound, video, internet connection 
  • Dress appropriately
  • Carry a pen and paper to take notes
  • Be aware of body language and eye contact 
  • Know your motivation and be genuine in your answers 
  • Focus on what you can contribute to the organization

Questions to ask in the interview

  • YOU can prepare to ask THEM questions :) Some examples are:
  • What does a typical day look like?
  • Can you show me examples of projects I’ll be working on?
  • What is the team culture like?

After the Interview

  • Thank the interviewer for their time and gently remind them of your interest in the position and what you’d like to contribute 
  • Write a personalized thank you email within the next 24 hours 

Best ways to practice for an interview: 

  • The best way to practice is to practice your responses out loud
  • Practice your responses in front of a mirror
  • Practice your responses in front of someone for feedback
  • Practice through a mock interview with someone else for feedback