Legislation 2019-2020

Tracking 2019-2020 Youth Commission Business

The Youth Commission typically takes action as a full body in 3 different ways: through responding to pending legislation proposed by the Board of Supervisors, by adopting resolutions advising the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors on issues related to San Francisco's children and youth, and by passing motions subsequent to presentations the Commission hears from community organizations and/or other City agencies. 

This regularly updated document tracks all 3 of these actions for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. 

Date Item Type Origin & File no. Item Name Sponsor/Author/Presenter YC Action & Date
9/4/19 YC Business   Adoption of 2019-2020 Youth Commission Bylaws

Youth Commission Staff

Approved upon first reading 9/4/19 (PDF)

9/4/19 YC Business   Election of 2019-2020 Youth Commission Executive Officers   Commissioner Cureton elected Chair; Commissioner Cheung elected Vice Chair; Commissioner Quick elected Legislative Affairs Officer; Commissioner Chan and Commissioner Santos elected Communication & Outreach Officers
9/23/19 Legislation Referred BOS File No. 190929 [Health Code - Sugar Sweetened Beverage Warning for Advertisements]

Sponsor: Supervisors Walton, Brown

Presenter: Natalie Gee, Legislative Aide to District 10, Supervisor Walton

Support 1920-RBM-01 (PDF)
9/23/19 Presentation  

San Francisco Public Library Transitional Age Youth (TAY) Advisory Board

Gabriella Ruiz, TAY Public Service Aide  
9/23/19 Presentation  

Our Children Our Families Presentation

Simone Combs, Senior Analyst, Our Children, Our Families Council  
9/23/19 Presentation  

Co-Sponsorship Request for District Attorney Candidate Forum from Coleman Advocates YMAC

Andrea Mejia, Civic Engagement Organizer, Coleman Advocates for Children & Youth Motion to co-sponsor
9/23/19 Presentation  

ConnectSF: Statement of Needs regarding Future of Transportation

Camille Guiriba from SFCTA, Kansai Uchida from SFMTA, Peter Lauterborn from Civic Edge Consulting Motion to support
9/23/19 YC Business  

Election of 2019-20 Our Children Our Families Representative

  Commissioner Santos elected OCOF Youth Representative 9/23/19
9/23/19 YC Business 1920-AL-01 [Motion Declaring Solidarity with Climate Strikers in San Francisco and Internationally[ Sponsor: Commissioner Quick, Legislative Affairs Officer

Passed 9/23/19

1920-AL-01 (PDF)

10/7/19 Legislation Referred BOS File No.190955 [Committee of the Whole - Findings and Recommendations Regarding Law Enforcement Practices - October 22, 2019]

Sponsor: Supervisors Fewer, Walton

Presenter: Chelsea Boilard, D1 Legislative Aide

Support 1920-RBM-02 (PDF)
10/7/19 Presentation   No New SF Jail Campaign Lily Fahsi-Haskell, Campaign Director at Critical Resistance, & Jesse Stout, Member No New SF Jail Coalition  
10/7/19 Presentation   The State of LGBTQ Homelessness in San Francisco Tuquan Harrison, Human Rights Commission  Motion to support
10/21/19 Legislation Referred BOS File No. 190957 [Hearing - Department of Police Accountability Operations] Sponsors: Walton; Haney This item was tabled
10/21/19 Presentation   Grand Challenge to End Homelessness for Youth of Color and LGBTQ Youth Ali Schlageter, MSW, Youth Programs Manager, San Francisco Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing Motion to support
10/21/19 Presentation   Generation Upwards Coalition Request for Endorsement of the November 9th, 2019 March for Education Alan Terrones, Generation Upwards Eastern Neighborhood Chair Motion to co-sponsor
10/21/19 YC Business 1920-AL-03 [Resolution Defining Transit Improvements Citywide to Improve Access and Reliability – Youth Interest] Housing and Land Use Committee Support 1920-AL-03 (PDF)
11/4/19  Legislation Referred BOS File No. 191031 [Hearing - Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Data - FY2018-2019]

Sponsor: Mandelman

Presenter: Erin Mundy, D8 Legislative Aide & Pau Crego, Deputy Director for the Office of Transgender Initiatives 

Support 1920-RBM-03 (PDF
11/4/19 Presentation   Training on Capacity, Time Management, and Boundary Setting Presenter: Youth Commission Staff Kiely Hosmon and Austin Truong  
11/18/19  Legislation Referred BOS File No. 191072 [Administrative Code - Budget Approval Process]

Sponsor: Fewer, Mar

Presenter: Chelsea Boilard, D1 Legislative Aide

Support 1920-RBM-05 (PDF)
11/18/19 Legislation Referred BOS File No. 191158 [World Children’s Day - November 20, 2019 - Affirming San Francisco’s Commitment to the United Nations Convention of the Rights of Children]

Sponsor: Yee

Presenter:  Jen Low, D7 Legislative Aide to Supervisor Yee and Serena Unger, Urban, Rural, Regional Strategies - Planning Consultant

Support 1920-RBM-04 (PDF)
11/18/19 Presentation   Close Juvenile Hall - Youth Townhall Presenter: KI and Storm, Young Women's Freedom Center staff Motion to co-sponsor
11/18/19 Presentation   Co-Sponsorship Request for Civics Day Presenter: Lauren Hurlbutt, Program Director, Generation Citizen Motion to co-sponsor
11/18/19 YC Business 1920-AL-05 [Motion to Support SB 201: Medical Procedures Re: Treatment or Intervention: Sex Characteristics of a Minor] Sponsor: Commissioner Ty Support 1920-AL-05 (PDF)
12/2/19 Presentation   Request for Support on a Statewide Youth Commission Presenter: Jason Chen, Governmental Affairs Policy Director for the CA Association of Student Councils Motion to co-sponsor
12/2/19 Presentation   Request for support on Youth Advocacy Day (YAD)  Presenter: Monica Flores, DCYF staff Motion to co-sponsor
12/16/19 Presentation   Vote16 2020 Campaign Presentation Presenter: Civic Engagement Committee  
1/6/20 Legislation Referred BOS File No.191284  [Health Code - Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Warning for Advertisements]

Sponsor: Supervisor Walton 

Presenter: Natalie Gee, Legislative Aide for Supervisor Walton

Support 1920-RBM-06 (PDF)
1/6/20 Legislation Referred  BOS File No. 191305 [Hearing - Impacts of Class Cuts at City College of San Francisco to Low-Income and Communities of Color, and High School Students]

Sponsors: Supervisors Walton & Mar

Presenter: Natalie Gee, Legislative Aide for Supervisor Walton

Support 1920-RBM-07 (PDF)
1/6/20 Legislation Referred BOS File No. 190418 [Administrative Code - Navigation Centers for the Homeless] Sponsors: Supervisors Haney, Ronen, Mar, and Walton  Item continued to 2/3/20 agenda
1/6/20 Presentation   2020 Census Initiatives Presenter: Robert Clinton, Office of Civic Engagement and Immigrant Affairs Motion to support
1/6/20 Presentation   SFUSD's Ethnic Studies Task Force   Item continued indefinitely
1/18/20 YC Business 1920-AL-06 Motion regarding OAC Youth Seat 1 Recommendation  Sponsor:  Executive Committee  Support 1920-AL-06 to recommend Ellie Lerner to OAC Seat 1
1/19/20 YC Business 1920-AL-02 [Resolution on Omnibus Youth Commission Preliminary Budget Priorities - Priority Programs] Sponsor: Commissioner Quick

Support 1920-AL-06 (PDF)

2/3/20 Legislation Referred BOS File No. 190418 [Administrative Code - Navigation Centers for the Homeless] Sponsors: Supervisors Haney, Ronen, Mar, and Walton  Oppose 1920-RBM-08 (PDF)
2/3/20 Presentation   SFUSD's Ethnic Studies Task Force   Item continued indefinitely
2/3/20 Presentation   Transitional Aged Youth System of Care Advisory Committee Presenter: Kali Cheung, Associate Director, SF Department of Public Health  
2/3/20 Presentation   South of Market Community Action Network’s (SOMCAN) Transit Justice Campaign: #FREEMUNI4ALLSF Presenter: Ramon Bonifacio, Community Services Worker, SOMCAN Motion to support
2/3/20 YC Business 1920-AL-07 Motion regarding OAC Youth Seat 2 Recommendation Sponsor:  Executive Committee  Support 1920-AL-07 to recommend Michelle Li to OAC Seat 2
2/3/20 YC Business   Youth Seat Recommendations Across Government Bodies  Presenter: Austin Truong, Youth Commission Staff  via Kiely Hosmon, Youth Commission Staff  
2/18/20 Presentation   YAD 2020 Presentation Presenter: Monica Flores, DCYF staff  
2/18/20 Presentation   Mental Health App Presenter: Max Savage, Co-Founder of Atlas Mental Health Inc. Presenter was absent
2/18/20 YC Business 1920-AL-08 [Motion to Support Letter for Valeria Thais Suarez Rojas, CIYJA Organizer from Deportation] Sponsors: Commissioners Santos, Asfaw, Chan Support 1920-AL-08 (PDF)
2/18/20 YC Business   2019-2020 Youth Commission Bylaw Amendment Regarding Formalizing the Process for Youth Seat Recommendations Sponsor: Commissioner Quick Approved upon first reading 2.18.20 (PDF)
2/18/20 YC Business 1920-AL-09  [Resolution on Fare Evasions – Inclusivity and Accessibility – Muni Youth Lifeline Discount Fast Pass Program] Sponsors: Commissioners Ty, Santos, Asfaw Support 1920-AL-09 (PDF)
3/2/20 Presentation   SFMTA Budget for FY 2021-2022 Presenter: Jeffrey Tumlin, SFMTA Director  
3/2/20 Presentation   TeenTechSF: STEM Inclusivity Summit 2020 Presenter: Shavonne Hines-Foster, Forum Co-Chair, Communications Team, and Colton Lum, Finance Chair   Motion to support
3/2/20 YC Business 1920-AL-10 [Resolution on Problem Gambling Awareness Month - Youth Problem Gambling Curriculum and Outreach] Sponsor: Commissioner Chan Support 1920-AL-10 (PDF) on first reading
3/2/20 YC Business   Budget and Finance/Budget and Appropriations Committee Presentation Debrief Presenter: Commissioner Cureton  
3/2/20 YC Business   Vote16 Talking Points Training and Update Presenter: Civic Engagement Committee and Youth Commission Staff


6/1/20 Legislation Referred BOS File No. 200477 [Charter Amendment - 16- and 17-Year-Olds Voting in Municipal Elections]  Sponsors: Supervisors Yee, Ronen, Fewer, Haney, Walton, Mar, and Safai  Support 1920-RBM-09 (PDF)
6/1/20 Presentation  

Students for Education Equity Call to Action: Advocating for Sufficient Education Funding During Unprecedented Times of COVID-19

Presenter: Benjamin Salop, Director of Governmental Affairs & Operations, GENup Staff  Motion to Support
6/1/20 YC Business   Updated Youth Commission Budget and Policy Priority Timeline for FY 20-21, 21-22  Presenter: Kiely Hosmon, YC Staff  
6/1/20 YC Business   Budget and Policy Priorities for FY 20-21, 21-22  Presenter: Committee Chairs First Reading
6/1/20 YC Business   Application & Reappointment Process  Presenter: Austin Truong, YC Staff


6/15/20 Legislation Referred BOS File No. 200592 [Resolution Urging the Civil Service
Commission to Establish Disqualifying Standards for Applicants for Position of Police Officer and Sheriff Deputy Applicants Based on Misconduct]
Presenter: Transformative Justice Committee Support 1920-RBM-10 (PDF)
6/15/20 Presentation   Floyd Rule Legislation Presenter: Dakshina Thanksy and Namrata 'Nimi' Dayana, USF School of Law Motion to Oppose
6/15/20 YC Business 1920-AL-12 [Resolution Urging the San Francisco Unified School District to end its affiliation with the San Francisco Police Department by disbanding the SFPD/SFUSD Memorandum of Understanding] Sponsor: Commissioner Hylton Support 1920-AL-12 (PDF) on first reading
6/15/20 YC Business 1920-AL-11  [Resolution on Youth Services and Programs – City
Response to COVID-19 Pandemic]
Sponsor: Commissioner Quick; Jones, Santos, Cureton Support 1920-AL-11 (PDF)
6/15/20 YC Business   Youth Commission Budget and Policy Priorities for FY 20-21, 21-22 Sponsor: Committee Chairs

Motion to Support

7/6/20 Legislation Referred BOS File No. 200682  [Resolution Urging the Department of Children, Youth and Their Families to Require All Funded Organizations to Have a Youth on Their Board of Directors By 2023]  Sponsor: Supervisor Walton Support 1920-RBM-11 (PDF)
7/6/20 Presentation  

NICOS Chinese Health Coalition - GOT GAME (Going Overtime - Gaming and Media-Use Education) 

Presenter: Tiffany Wang, Health Educator & Michael S. Liao, Director of Programs  Motion to Support
7/6/20 YC Business  

Proposed 2019-2020 Youth Commission Bylaw Amendment Regarding Required Trainings, Absences, and Formalizing the Youth Commission’s Commitment to Equity and Justice

Sponsor: Commissioner Asfaw, Santos Approved upon first reading 7/6/20 (PDF)
7/6/20 YC Business 1920-AL-13

[Resolution Urging the Defunding of San Francisco Police Department and Investment in Community Health and Safety]


Sponsors: Commissioners Asfaw, Santos  Support 1920-AL-13 (PDF)
7/20/20 Legislation Referred BOS File No. 200735 [Police Code - Discriminatory Reports to Law Enforcement] 

Sponsor: Supervisor Walton

Presenter: Natalie Gee, D10 Legislative Aide

Support 1920-RBM-12 (PDF)
7/20/20 Legislation Referred BOS File No. 200744 [Hearing - Status of Socioeconomic Equity in San Francisco]

Sponsor: Supervisor Haney

Presenter: Honey Mahogany, D6 Legislative Aide

Support 1920-RBM-13 (PDF)
7/20/20 Legislation Referred BOS File No. 200743 [Hearing - Funding Assessment for Racial Equity and Vulnerable Populations]  Sponsor: Supervisor Fewer Support 1920-RBM-14 (PDF)
7/20/20 Presentation   AB 1007 Support Letter Needed: Reinvest $100M+ in CBOs/Youth Services Presenter: Renee Menart, Communications and Policy Analyst, Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice (CJCJ) Motion to Support
7/20/20 YC Business 1920-AL-14 [Resolution Free Muni For All - Transportation Equity] Sponsors: Commissioners Hirji; Quick Support 1920-AL-14 (PDF)
7/20/20 YC Business 1920-AL-15 [Resolution Urging the City and County of San Francisco to support Survivors of Sexual Harassment and Assault] Sponsors: Commissioners Cureton, Cheung, & Chan Support 1920-AL-15 (PDF)
7/20/20 YC Business 1920-AL-16 [Resolution Urging the City and County of San Francisco to Implement a Universal Basic Income Program] Sponsor: Commissioner Chan Support 1920-AL-16 (PDF) passed on first reading
7/20/20 YC Business 1920-AL-17 [Motion to Approve a Letter on the Lack of Board of Supervisors Action on the Proposed Caltrain 1/8th cent Tax, and Rejection of the City’s 47-year-old Transit First Policy]  Sponsor: Commissioner Hirji Support 1920-AL-17 (PDF)
8/17/20 Legislation Referred BOS File No. 200796

[Hearing - Supportive Housing Vacancies] 


Sponsor: Supervisor Haney
Presenter: Courtney McDonald, Legislative Aide, District 6
Support 1920-RBM-16 (PDF)
8/17/20 Legislation Referred BOS File No. 200784

[Administrative Code - Restrictions on Police Use of Specific Types of Force During Lawful Assemblies and in Certain Other Circumstances]


Sponsors: Supervisors Haney, Walton
Presenter: Abigail Rivamonte-Mesa, Chief of Staff, District 6 
Support 1920-RBM-15 (PDF)