District 1 Commissioner Profile

Picture of Jayden Tanaka, D1 Youth Commissioner, smiling at the camera

Jayden Tanaka

Representing District 1: Inner Richmond, Central Richmond, Outer Richmond, Vista del Mar, Lone Mountain, Golden Gate Park, Lincoln Park, University of San Francisco, and the Farallon Islands​

Appointed by Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer

Housing and Land Use Committee


Jayden Tanaka is a junior at George Washington Highschool. He has been a part of the Washington Basketball Team, Associates Basketball Club, BSA Richmond District Neighborhood Center Grocery, and has participated in various service projects and community service throughout tenure with the BSA.  He is passionate about helping to solve San Francisco’s housing, homelessness issues, and social justice issues, as well as ensuring the city is equitable for all people. He looks forward to working with fellow commissioners to address and bring awareness to the issues that affect San Francisco’s youth and marginalized communities and working to improve our city. 

Fun fact: He can play the trombone.

You can reach him at jayden.tanaka@gmail.com