District 9 Commissioner Profile


image of Ariana Arana, District 9 youth commissioner smiling at camera

Ariana Arana

Representing District 9: The Mission, Bernal Heights and Portola

Appointed by Supervisor Hillary Ronen

Civic Engagement Committee

School: St. Ignatius College Preparatory

Year in School: Junior (2021)

Clubs/teams/organizations: Secretary of the Association of Latin American students at SI, chorus singer at SI

Community Service/ Volunteer work: folkloric dancer in the non-profit Chavalos Danzas por Nicaragua, part of the non-profit Youth Policy Initiative

What issues affecting youth in SF are you passionate or do you look forward to working on at the YC?

I look forward to working with and for youth, especially immigrant youth, in my district in order to support them by providing resources, internships, and job opportunities. I am also committed to listening to their issues and finding intersectional and equitable solutions to their inquiries and concerns. 


Fun Fact: My favorite color is yellow. 


You can reach me at  aaranabermudez21@siprep.org