District 2 Commissioner Profile


image of Valentina Alioto-Pier, District 2 youth commissioner smiling at camera

Valentina Alioto - Pier

Representing District 2: Marina, Cow Hollow, Pacific Heights, Seacliff, Lake District, Presidio Heights, Jordan Park, Laurel Heights, Presidio, and part of Russian Hill​

Appointed by Supervisor Catherine Stefani

Civic Engagement Committee

Valentina Alioto-Pier is a freshman starting at Branson High School. She is passionate about working with disabled communities and hopes of bringing awareness on the needs of disabled youth across the city. She is excited to return for a second term and represent District 2. There is a lot more that she wishes to learn and there is more change that she wants to help effectuate. In her free time, she plays drums, snowboard, and loves volleyball.

You can reach her at  valiotopier@gmail.com