Mayoral Appointee 5 Commissioner Profile

image of Alexander Hirji, mayoral appointee youth commissioner smiling at camera

Alexander Hirji

Representing Youth Citywide

Appointed by Mayor Lee


Housing and Land Use Committee

Alexander Belden Nasser Hirji is currently attending The College Preparatory School as a sophomore. Born in New York City, Alexander and his family moved to San Francisco when he was four. From a young age, Alexander has been involved in serving the community, from volunteering at a food bank to raising awareness to gun violence through several sanctioned and unsanctioned walkouts from schools. Alexander has a passion for public transit, constantly pondering how to fix Muni. He also is passionate about mitigating the housing and homelessness crisis and dealing with social justice issues. Some fun facts about Alexander, he likes to swim and travel. You can ask him any question about San Francisco transit, he’ll probably have an answer for you.


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