District 8 Commissioner Profile

Picture of Gracie Veiga, D8 Youth Commissioner, smiling at the camera


Gracie Veiga 

Representing District 8: Noe Valley, The Castro, Glen Park, Diamond Heights, Duboce Triangle and Buena Vista Heights

Appointed by Supervisor Rafael Mandelman

Transformative Justice Committee 

Susan (Gracie) Veiga is a senior at the Urban School of San Francisco. Representing District 8, it is crucial that she strives to be an advocate for the rights of unhoused people and the LGBTQ+ community. She cares deeply about and has studied issues regarding the criminal legal system and incarceration, and hopes to advocate for system impacted people as well. She has served as a volunteer for Aim High, Institute on Aging and Read Write Discover. She is currently interning with the District 8 office of Supervisor Rafael Mandelman. She has served as the Co-Leader of Anti-Racist White Privilege Awareness Group, Co-Chair of Student Leadership Alumni Committee, Member of Students for Women’s Equality and Rights Group, Member of Community Outreach Club, trombone player in The Urban School Advanced Jazz Band as well as trombone player in other youth jazz bands. She loves to bake, play, and listen to music, and spend time with her dog, Jolene.


You can reach her at gveiga@urbanschool.org