Mayoral Appointee 4 Commissioner Profile

image of Arsema Asfaw, mayoral youth commissioner smiling at camera

Arsema Asfaw

Representing Youth Citywide

Appointed by Mayor Breed

Executive Committee: Community Outreach Officer

Transformative Justice Committee


Arsema Asfaw (she/her) was born and raised in San Francisco’s very own District 5, specifically Hayes Valley. She is a junior at The Bay School of San Francisco. Arsema has always been passionate about social justice and advocating for her community, and for the most part, had focused on community restorative justice practices through the help of her school and the HRC. Working on the Youth Commission, she aims to represent a silenced voice in San Francisco and wants to tackle issues that she’s seen firsthand weaken her community. While she has many interests ranging from fashion to neuroscience to politics, she has always studied and pursued these interests from a social justice lens. She hopes to enact change in her community and bridge the gap amongst San Francisco youth. Outside of this work, she loves to read, listen to music, enjoy nature with her friends, and watch movies!


You can reach her at