District 11 Commissioner Profile


Image of young commissioner facing the camera

Bahlam Vigil

Representing District 11: Lakeview, OMI (Ocean View, Merced Heights, Ingleside), Cayuga Mission Terrace, Outer Mission, Crocker Amazon

Appointed by Supervisor Ahsha Safai

Bahlam is in their second year at the University of San Francisco and is involved with the Harvey Milk Democratic Club, the Latinx Democratic Club, and volunteers for the director of the DCCC of SF. Bahlam created a club in their old high school which fought for, and won, to create gender-neutral bathrooms, presented on women’s rights and sexual assault awareness, as well as organized strikes and protest.  Bahlam is passionate about numerous issues in SF; from housing to youth homelessness, LGBT and immigration issues, youth outreach for involvement in politics, but the biggest two is youth employment for higher income opportunities and holding tech companies accountable to their community benefits agreement in order to better benefit young people living in San Francisco. Fun facts about Bahlam: is a genderqueer queer person, the first person in their family to go to college, in love with politics and has been heavily involved in them since sophomore year, owns an eclectus male parrot and loves pupusas.