Mayoral Appointee 3 Commissioner Profile

image of Sarah Ginsburg, mayoral appointee youth commissioner smiling at camera


Sarah Ginsburg

Representing Youth Citywide

Appointed by Mayor Breed 

Civic Engagement Committee

   Sarah Ginsburg is a senior at Lowell High School. She is very passionate about sports and plays both club soccer and varsity soccer for Lowell. Playing sports has developed her skills as a leader and collaborator - both critical attributes on and off the field. In addition to soccer, she ran track for 3 years and has been involved with her high school’s Jew Crew and Build-on clubs. In the past few years, she has also done work with both Street Soccer and America Scores, non-profit organizations that use soccer to empower underserved youth from around the city. She has loved watching kids develop an appreciation for the sport that they don’t normally have access to. In addition, she’s been a math tutor since the beginning of high school.

Sarah is very passionate about her city but is aware of its serious challenges. She is especially eager to help solve issues regarding homelessness, affordable housing, and youth engagement. She is grateful and excited to use her position as a Youth Commissioner to better lives for her peers.

You can reach her at